• Here you can see which suppliers we are looking for.

    • In addition to the site manager, the material group responsibility also lies with the lead buyers. 

    • You can find the General Terms and Conditions of the Amazone Group here

    • Please complete the supplier questionnaire at http://info.amazone.de/DisplayInfo.aspx?id=8351 to provide information about your company and your activities. Further information is also provided in the area ...

    • The template for the Amazone initial sample test report can be found here for electronic items and for all other materials.

    • The requirements for the initial sample can be found here

    • To prepare for the selection process, you should familiarise yourself both with our company and with the job you are applying for. We want to take the opportunity to get to know you personally and learn more about your specialist knowledge and experience, skills and interests. We would also like to introduce you to our company and the wide range of products which we offer. It goes without saying that we will also be pleased to answer your questions.

    • You can send us your documents in a PDF document. Please ensure that the maximum size of 8 MB is not exceeded.

    • We are looking for committed, creative employees who are enthusiastic about our company. An agricultural background and knowledge of agricultural technology are an advantage but not absolutely necessary.

    • Amazone offers its employees many opportunities for further training with a wide choice of seminars in our "AmaTrain" programme. In addition to this, opportunities to improve your personal and professional skills are provided.

    • The contact persons at Amazone vary depending on the location, so look up the appropriate contact person here.

    • Yes, you can apply for several jobs at the same time

    • We assign a mentor to all employees. This is an experienced employee from your new department. You will also receive a detailed induction schedule.

    • You can apply for as long as the position is advertised here. Otherwise, we also welcome speculative applications.

    • It is best to apply through the Job offers section of our website. Your application should include a covering letter, your curriculum vitae in tabular form and copies of your certificates so that we can process your application as quickly as possible.

    • After you have sent us your application, you will automatically receive confirmation from our applicant management system. You will also receive confirmation of receipt from our human resources department, no later than 2 working days from receipt of your application.

    • You can find the current job offers here . You can also use this site to have regular job information sent to you.

    • Our specialist dealers will gladly inform you about current prices and promotional offers. Use our dealer search to find a dealer near you.

    • Agricultural machinery specialist dealers will gladly support you with technical issues and repairs. An overview of Amazone dealers can be found here.
      If you are a specialist dealer and have questions, please use our service portals, such as the spare parts portal, info-portal, Amazone Ticket System and many others. Access to the portals can be found in our dealer area

    • All brochures for our products can be found on our Infoportal.

    • Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Clicking on the dealer symbol provides you with the contact data of the dealer.

    • All operating instructions for our products can be found on our Infoportal.

      If you are looking for the operating instructions for a specific product, you can also use the “Instructions” menu point on the right side of the individual product details page. You can also use AMAZONE SmartLearning to train users of AMAZONE agricultural machinery interactively.

    • An overview of the pending fair dates with AMAZONE participation is provided in our events calendar.

    • Our image database contains the released image material for our products and many things more - which you are free to use.
      Subject to the conditions below, Amazone grants you usage rights for the media in our image database, including publications and commercial use: 

      • The media data are free of charge - i.e. available without special login - in the image database or the data may be transferred by Amazone to you in another way (e.g. by e-mail).
      • The image data should not be used in a negative context regarding the topics groundcare, agriculture, plant production and particularly Amazone.
      • The media data may not be used in connection with the topics politics, religion or for erotic material.
      • The media files may not be used for advertising by our suppliers without a discussion with us.

      Exceptions from the above conditions require special permission.

    • Our marketing department is responsible. All important links regarding the above topics can be found on the Marketing-Portal.

    • You can conveniently download the AMAZONE logos for the different application areas in one pack. It contains the different logos in EPS, WMF, EMF and GIF format for print, Office and Internet media as well as a PDF file that provides you with detailed usage guidelines for the individual logos. The information is provided in German and English.

    • An overview of the latest press information can be found in the press information section of our information centre.

    • If you would like regular information regarding our new products, you can subscribe to our german AMAZONE Newsletter free of charge. You can deregister at any time from our newsletter and your personal data will only be used for our newsletter.

    • If you are interested in a guided tour of the plant, you can apply here online for a “Factory tour for agriculturally oriented groups”.

    • You can find us on YouTube, Facebook andInstagram. Recently, we have also established a presence on Snapchat [amazonen-werke].