New ploughs - 100 % AMAZONE technology

The new Teres and Tyrok ploughs with 100 % AMAZONE DNA
Maximum robustness and outstanding quality of work!


Soil tillage for the future

The future of arable farming starts now!

Find the right soil tillage system for your farm


Catros 03 - the precision tool

The Catros compact disc harrow is perfect for shallow and intensive stubble cultivation.


CatrosXL, straw harrow, knife roller, GreenDrill 501

Find out more about the new CatrosXL compact disc harrows, the new straw harrow and knife roller pre-working tools and the GreenDrill 501 catch crop seeder box here.


What does the future hold for crop production?

The answer to this question is currently the key driver for many innovations. The need for precision and automation in agricultural machinery will continue to increase in the future, in order to ensure optimum crop development with reliable yields and good quality, whilst reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers.


The plant protection sector will have to change in the future.

Plant protection is an important part of agriculture for securing high yields and optimum quality. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply. However, the chemical plant protection sector is also facing a big challenge in future. On the one hand there is the problem of resistance and on the other side there is an increasing amount of legal regulation.