1. Hardened front of mouldboard
  2. Relatively soft rear of mouldboard
» ©plus hardening process

Unique ©plus advantages for the shin,
front shin of the mouldboard and strips:

  • Longer service life
  • High impact resistance
  • Less pulling power requirement
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Less sticking due to a smoother surface

» Precision plough bodies and skimmers

A choice of 8 different plough bodies makes it possible to tailor the furrow clearance, crumbling and drag resistance to any location. The working depth and the tilt can be set via spindles without the need for tools, giving a perfect work profile. More...
Skimmers with an adjustable throwing angle ensure optimum incorporation and mixing of high organic layers.

» Disc coulters

The precise cutting action of the disc coulter facilitates precise turning and complete incorporation of crop residues as well as effective furrow clearance.

» NonStop stone releases

The hydraulic NonStop stone release, with integrated shear bolt, has a hydraulic cylinder with a directly connected, nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulator. The triggering pressure can be tailored to the location, so that the body maintains the working depth, on the one hand, whilst also avoiding obstructions to prevent damage on the other.

» Hydraulic front furrow width adjustment

The hydraulic front furrow width adjustment directly changes the working width of the first plough body and adjusts it to the inner track dimension of the tractor. This ensures consistently precise furrow matching, especially with varying soils and tractors.

» Exact depth control

A selection of different support wheels ensures precise depth control and reliable rolling under all conditions.

Overview of the Cayros mounted reversible ploughs

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