Part-width section control | Individual nozzle control


Electrically-controlled TG valve chest

The TG part-width section valves are actuated via the ISOBUS control. The part-width sections are switched quickly and without drips using the electric motor valves with pressure release valves.

In all situations the spray rate is exactly and quickly controlled directly via the computer and so negating the need for any mechanical equal pressure control.

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Electric individual nozzle control with actual 50 cm part-width section control

Even today, many crop protection sprayers in the market feature a normal part-width section valve chest. Here the classic part-width section often is 3 to 5 m wide. If using part-width sections manually operated by the driver, specifying smaller part-width sections often does not make sense due to the inaccuracy of the switch points. Thanks to automatic part-width section switching via Section Control, today more precise switch points are achieved so that, by utilising even smaller part-width sections, valuable crop protection agents are saved. With AmaSwitch and AmaSelect, AMAZONE offers two very precise solutions for 50 cm part-width section control.

Important field analysis knowledge

  • Average overlap with 50 cm part-width sections only 1.92 %
  • Average overlap with 9 part-width sections 7 %
  • Short payback period for large farms due to annual saving potential
  • Due to smaller field sizes, smaller farms save proportionally more
  • When growing crops with a high crop protection demand (e.g. potatoes, beet), the 50 cm part-width section is particularly cost-effective
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AmaSwitch – Electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part-width sections

Automatic 50 cm part-width section switching

With AmaSwitch, AMAZONE offers the precise solution for automatic part-width section control on 50 cm sections. AmaSwitch is the ideal alternative for users who want to maximise the benefits of very precise switching in wedge shaped fields and areas of overlap, thanks to the 50 cm partwidth section control.

Standard equipment with AmaSwitch includes the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system and, in addition, can be equipped with LED individual nozzle lighting.

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3-fold nozzle body, with electric on/off switching

The technology behind AmaSwitch is based on a conventional, manually-rotated, 3-fold nozzle body with electric individual on/off. The opening and closing is achieved via an electric valve which is fixed directly onto the nozzle body. In conjunction with GPS-Switch, it is thus possible to very precisely control 50 cm part-width sections in short work and on the headland. In addition to the automatic switching using 50 cm part-width sections, it is possible to configure the amount of part-width sections from choice.

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4-fold nozzle body, with the additional 25 cm nozzle spacing

In addition to the 3-fold nozzle body, the electric AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching can be also equipped with a 4-fold nozzle body. With the 4-fold nozzle body, all the benefits of the electric AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching are maintained as with the 3-fold nozzle body but, in addition, with the aid of the optional extension set, an actual 25 cm nozzle spacing can be utilised. This offers the benefit, in combination with specific 80° nozzles, to reduce the boom to target surface distance down to less than 50 cm.

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AmaSelect – Electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part-width sections

Modern application technology

The electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control consists of a 4-fold nozzle body with electric on/off control plus the additional switching over of either a nozzle or a combination of nozzles. So, the system, in addition to the 50 cm boom part sections which can be switched automatically via GPSSwitch, offers a changeover electrically between the four fitted nozzles via the operator terminal or, when required, completely automatically. Via the input of the optimum pressure range of each individual nozzle within the 4-fold nozzle body, the system automatically switches the nozzles according to these specifications. This offers the possibility, for instance when leaving the optimum pressure range of a nozzle, to switch on a second nozzle or to changeover to a larger nozzle. It is possible, how-ever, to freely configure any number of part-width sections with also any number of nozzles. Just for farmers or agricultural contractors with different tramline systems, a simple matching of the nozzle switching with the relevant working width is possible. As standard, AmaSelect is equipped with DUS pro high pressure recirculation and LED individual nozzle lighting.

  1. Motor housing
  2. Anti-drip diaphragm
  3. Power supply
  4. Nozzle body
  5. Nozzle body
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HeightSelect (1) Spritzhoehe_Schema_d1_161230_145pro


With the aid of HeightSelect (only in conjunction with AmaSelect and ContourControl) now also the distance between boom and the targeted crop is continuously matched automatically in relation to the nozzle spacing and nozzle type. When the nozzle is switched on, the automatic boom guidance regulates the target surface distance. This automation improves the efficiency of the plant protection agents and makes it considerably easier for the driver.

  1. Automatic spraying height: 57 cm
  2. 110° nozzle: 50 cm nozzle spacing
  3. Automatic spraying height: 45 cm
  4. 80° nozzle: 25 cm nozzle spacing
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With 50 cm or 25 cm nozzle spacing

As an option, the AmaSelect nozzle body can also be equipped with an off-set kit giving 25 cm nozzle spacing. This offers the benefit, in combination with specific 80° nozzles, to reduce the boom to target surface distance down to less than 50 cm. In addition, this variant can be supplemented by the HighFlow option for applications with extremely high application rates.

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Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung (5) UX5201_Fendt_d0_kw_4514_d2_171002

Electric boundary nozzle switching – For environmentally-friendly spray application at the field edge

Additional nozzle switching
In order to extend the normal working width, an asymmetrical nozzle can also be switched on. This is particularly useful if the distances between tramlines are not precise enough.

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung (1) Pantera_S33_Grafik-Randduesen_d2_101108
Additional nozzle switching

Boundary nozzle switching
For precision border spraying between two sensitive crops, the boundary nozzles can be used to make sure the spray pattern is accurately defined.

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung (2) Pantera_S33_Grafik-Randduesen_d0_20150112
Boundary nozzle switching

End nozzle switching
If a one metre buffer zone around the edge of the field needs to remain unsprayed due to distance constraints, end nozzle switching can be used.

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung (3) Pantera_S33_Grafik-Randduesen_d2_101108_2
End nozzle switching

Outer part-width section switched off - DUS active
Direct electric control of the boundary nozzles. Every nozzle body is integrated in the DUS circulation!

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung (4) Pantera_S33_Grafik-Randduesen_d2_281015
Outer part-width section switched off - DUS is active

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The plant protection sector will have to change in the future

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future. Plant protection is an important part of agriculture in securing high yields and optimum quality. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply.