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Catros XL

  • CatrosXL 3003 3.0 m working width
  • CatrosXL 3503 3.5 m working width
  • CatrosXL 4003 4.0 m working width
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Catros, Catros+, CatrosXL or Certos? Make use of those specific strengths!

Outstandingly low fuel consumption

With the Catros compact disc harrow, operational speeds of 12 km/h to 18 km/h are achieved problem-free, enabling outstandingly high work rates and reducing the operational time to a minimum. Important, however, for economic success, are both the fuel, and the wear and tear costs. In order to determine reliable figures for these costs AMAZONE has carried out trials in collaboration with the DLG test centre in Gross-Umstadt.

In all the tests, the Catros compact disc harrows proved to be extremely fuel efficient. So when stubble cultivating at a medium working depth of about 6 cm – depending on soil type and ground topography – an approximate fuel consumption of only 4 l/ha was measured. Similarly favourable were the consumption figures during seedbed preparation.

“AMAZONE stated that the pulling power requirement was 90 HP (66 kW). We wanted to make sure and deliberately chose a light tractor with 106 HP (78 kW). With sufficient front ballasting we were delighted to be able to maintain an operational speed of more than twelve kilometres per hour even on some slightly sloping terrain.”
(Agratechnik magazine · 08/2012)

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CatrosXL discs – for larger amounts of plant organic matter

The 610 mm serrated and finely serrated CatrosXL discs allow a deeper cultivation and yet still maximum mixing. The perfect penetration even under most arduous conditions guarantees working depths up to 16 cm so that a homogeneous mixing is achieved. This is optimal for the incorporation of catch crops and grain maize residues.

  • Working widths of 5 cm to 16 cm
  • Thickness of discs 5 mm/disc diameter 610 mm/fine or coarse serrated
  • Large space between discs and roller
  • Optimal for incorporating catch crops and grain maize residues
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No lubrication ever again – thanks to the maintenance-free disc bearings

With no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where the rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and continue to work absolutely reliably under the toughest of operational conditions.

  1. 2-row angular contact ball bearing
  2. 2 x O-Ring
  3. 2 x cast rings with face seal
  4. Face seal built into conical seats
  5. Gear oil filled housing
  6. Proven 1,000,000 times over!

“It is amazing that the disc bearings on the complete machine do not require any lubrication.”
(Agratechnik magazine · 08/2012)

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Oversized disc bearings

Due to their even bigger outer diameter, the disc bearings on all Catros over 4 m, the CatrosXL and the Certos-2TX are even more robustly dimensioned. Due to the robust design, maintenance-work and running costs are again kept to a minimum and long life times are guaranteed even under the most arduous operational conditions.

The benefits:

  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals and life-long lubrication
  • Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks
  • Individual disc suspension for optimised contour following and excellent through passage
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Aggressively angled discs

With a cutting angle of 17° at the front and 14° to the rear, the Catros, Catros+ and CatrosXL discs are mounted aggressively ensuring the uninterrupted transfer of the soil-straw mixture from the first to the second row of discs resulting in a first class mixing of soil and plant material. Compared with flat angled discs, the discharge angle of the more aggressive disc arrangement is noticeably smaller. In this way the moved soil/straw mixture is redeposited again on the soil surface well ahead of the following roller.

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Perfect contour following – individually suspended discs

On all models, whether a Catros, Catros+, CatrosXL or Certos, each individual disc is suspended from the frame on elastic sprung rubber elements which is much better than machines with rigid disc suspension. Every concave disc can individually follow the ground contours, so that not only are the tracks filled up, but they are actually worked up, ensuring an evenly shallow soil tillage operation even with prevailing undulations on the soil surface. At the same time, by suspending each individual disc it allows the optimum passage of large amounts of organic matter in comparison to machines where the discs are mounted in pairs.

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Safe and absolutely maintenance free

The elastic sprung rubber elements that suspend each disc, do not only serve to aid perfect adaptation to the ground contours, but also as an overload protection system for the individual discs. The large dimensioned rubber buffer blocks are maintenance-free and feature a long spring deflection that provides you with peace of mind, even in stony ground.

Practically orientated down to the last detail:

  • Contour following of the individual disc segments and with built-in overload and stone protection
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For working depths of up to 16 cm

With the new CatrosXL AMAZONE introduces the latest model in its vast range of compact disc harrows. In working widths of 3 m to 4 m, the CatrosXL supplements the Catros and Catros+ mounted compact disc harrows. The peculiarities of the CatrosXL are the bigger, 610 mm diameter CatrosXL discs and a larger spacing between the disc rows enabling working depths down to 16 cm. The new CatrosXL discs are available in either fine serrated or coarse serrated execution.

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For larger amounts of plant organic matter

Due to the larger disc spacing, the CatrosXL is characterised especially by its larger through passage. Thanks to the open frame design, the incorporation of catch crops, grain maize straw or potato haulm in addition to stubble tillage is possible. Needless to say, that the CatrosXL, like all the other models, is ideal for use in seedbed preparation.

  • CatrosXL 3003 3.0 m working width
  • CatrosXL 3503 3.5 m working width
  • CatrosXL 4003 4.0 m working width
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Full speed ahead!

As on the Catros and Catros+ compact disc harrows, also the CatrosXL guarantees a perfect quality of work and high acreage outputs at operational speeds of 12 to 18 km/h. The depth of working can be set mechanically via setting spindles or as a more comfortable option, via the hydraulic depth adjustment. The folding and settable side discs and the adjustable side plate in front of the roller ensure a clean matching to the next bout and a quick change from work into the transport position.

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