Incorporation of liquid manure

pro-Pack and central lubrication

pro-Pack for intensive slurry application

With the pro-Pack, Amazone offers a special equipment option for when mounted directly on, or attached to, a slurry tanker. The pro-Pack provides specific solutions to improve the reliability and durability of machines which are constantly working with slurry, e.g. behind a self-propelled slurry tanker. 

Advantages of pro-Pack

  • Additionally protected and lubricated components and bearings ensure functionality and operational reliability even under the toughest of conditions

Catros+ 5002-2 pro: 5.0 m boom width
Catros+ 6002-2 pro: 6.0 m boom width
Catros+ 7002-2 pro: 7.0 m boom width
Catros+ 7003-2TX pro: 7.0 m boom width
Catros+ 8003-2TX pro: 8.0 m boom width
Catros+ 9003-2TX pro: 9.0 m working width

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SynCult slurry distributor

The SynCult slurry distributor has been developed In combination with Vogelsang. Using a galvanised adapter frame, the distributor and the pipe routing for the liquid manure system are rigidly mounted above the first disc row on the Catros. The liquid manure is delivered to the cultivated surface left by the discs via the front disc row. The organic fertiliser is well mixed in and covered with soil by the following second disc row.

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Elektrische Zentralschmierung (1) Catros-plus-6001-2_d0_kw_0307_d1_150828

Electrically operated central lubrication system

An electrically operated central lubrication system is available for maximum comfort. This supplies all the lubrication points automatically. In this way the maintenance can be significantly reduced and the reliability yet further improved.

Advantages of the electric central lubrication system

  • Maximum comfort thanks to a significant reduction in maintenance
  • Longer machine life
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Stabwalze SW 600 pro (1) CatrosPLUS6002-2_ProPaket_Guelle_Holmer_d0_cw__DSC5805_d1_210816

SW 600 pro cage roller

AMAZONE offers a roller which has been specially tailored for slurry spreading in the shape of the SW 600 pro cage roller. However, all the other rollers can also be used.

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