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When it comes to the question of choosing an implement, many farms are looking for a tool that will not only help to reduce establishment costs but also be as versatile as possible. The solution is offered by the Cenius mulch cultivators in either a mounted version in 3 m to 4 m or the trailed Cenius-2TX cultivators in 4 m to 8 m. These can operate from shallow stubble work down to top soil deep loosening.

With its different levels of equipment, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions. In conjunction with either an active or passive AMAZONE sowing combination, a superb start for modern sowing systems is provided.

Top benefits of the Cenius cultivators

  • Wide range of C-Mix shares – a suitable share for any working depth and any application
  • Easy and quick share change thanks to the C-Mix Clip quick change system
  • Consistent depth control even under the most arduous of conditions, made possible by the high release forces of the overload protection system on the C-Mix Special and C-Mix Super tines
  • A wide range of levelling tools ensure the optimum levelling under all conditions
  • Particularly easy to pull and fuel saving yet with a very good loosening and mixing effect thanks to the optimum tine arrangement and tine angling
  • Following rollers for any location ensure an optimum reconsolidation

More with less – Cenius

  • More strength
  • More operating possibilities
  • More comfort and convenience
  • Less blockages
  • Less fuel used
  • Less wearing costs


  • Cenius 4003-2TX Special/Super, 4.0 m working width
  • Cenius 5003-2TX Special/Super, 5.0 m working width
  • Cenius 6003-2TX Special/Super, 6.0 m working width
  • Cenius 7003-2TX Special/Super, 7.0 m working width
  • Cenius 8003-2TX Special/Super, 8.0 m working width
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C-Mix Special tines with shear bolt overload safety device

The C-Mix Special tine with its shear bolt overload safety device is the ideal and cost effective alternative for light and medium light soils without stones. Thanks to the low weight of the C-Mix tine, these are especially suitable for operation behind tractors with less lift capacity.

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C-Mix Super tines with 600 kg pressure spring overload safety device

Together with the overload safety device, the C-Mix Super tine provides the perfect operational performance even when top soil deep loosening. The release force of the pressure spring overload safety device of the C-Mix Super tine exceeds 600 kg and features a lift potential of 30 cm. If this large lifting space of 30 cm is not sufficient, the C-Mix Super tine offers additional safety via a shear bolt. In this way an efficient and constant operation is possible even under the most of arduous of conditions.

  1. 600 kg at the share tip
  2. 30 cm
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The heart of the cultivator: The shares

C-Mix share system

The separation of guide plate from the share tip above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share tips can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement. With the proven C-Mix share system AMAZONE offers a wide range of soil-engaging shares.

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C-Mix-Scharsystem (10)

The right type of share for every field of application

C-Mix share system

C-Mix-Scharsystem (1)
C-Mix Clip quick change system
C-Mix-Scharsystem (2)
C-Mix wing share, 350 mm, optional in HD

C-Mix-Scharsystem (3)
C-Mix duck foot share with guide plate, C-Mix share, 320 mm
C-Mix-Scharsystem (4)
C-Mix duck foot share with guide plate, C-Mix-Clip, 320 mm

C-Mix-Scharsystem (5)
C-Mix share with guide plate, C-Mix share, 100 mm
C-Mix-Scharsystem (6)
C-Mix share with guide plate, C-Mix-Clip, 100 mm

C-Mix-Scharsystem (7)
C-Mix share with guide plate, C-Mix share, 80 mm, optional in HD
C-Mix-Scharsystem (8)
C-Mix share with guide plate, C-Mix-Clip, 80 mm

C-Mix-Scharsystem (9)
C-Mix share, 40 mm, optional in HD

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Hardwearing HD version

The 350 mm wing share, the 80 mm share and the 40 mm share are also available as a hardwearing HD version especially for areas that have high usage capacity. During the entire lifespan, the length of the share is maintained. So, no readjustment of the depth is necessary. Depending on application and soil conditions, the service life is up to five times longer than with the standard points.

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C-Mix Clip quick change system

Quick, safe and cost-effective

With the C-Mix Clip quick change system, AMAZONE now also offers a system that enables a (virtually) tool-less, and above all, simpler, quicker and very comfortable share exchange.

Like the well-known C-Mix shares, the C-Mix Clip system consists of a guide plate with a tip. However, on the C-Mix Clip system, the guide plate is fixed to the tine and the tip is attached to the quick change system. After the initial, simple fitting of the C-Mix Clip carrier onto the tine, different share tips, specific to the relevant application, can be quickly fixed with the aid of an easily removable locking pin. The locking pin is guided at the back of the tine through a hollow screw and thus keeps the relevant share tip safely on the C-Mix Clip carrier.

The separation of guide plate from the share tip above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share tips can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement.

Depending on the application, AMAZONE offers three different share tips. The 80 mm wide C-Mix Clip share tip, the 100 mm wide C-Mix Clip share tip and the C-Mix Clip duck foot share that covers 320 mm. The 80 mm and 100 mm C-Mix Clip shares can also be used in conjunction with the 350 mm wing shares and thus give a complete overall soil movement when stubble tilling.

The benefits

  • Easy share change – reduced downtime
  • Reduction in set-up time – reduced costs
  • Share change in less than three minutes (on a 3 m working width)

  1. Gap provides insurance against loss
  2. Share fixing
  3. Upper fixing screw (hollow)
  4. Locking pin
  5. Lower fixing screw
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Die C-Mix-Clip-Scharspitzen (1) Scharspitzen

The C-Mix Clip share tips

  1. C-Mix Clip share tip 80 mm
  2. C-Mix Clip share tip 100 mm
  3. C-Mix Clip duck foot share tip 320 mm
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Levelling and crumbling

Top-class levelling of the worked soil horizon is the basic requirement for an even reconsolidation. This is why, mounted behind the tine rows, an additional levelling system is attached. Available here is a choice of spring steel closers or smooth and serrated levelling discs.

To ensure a clean matching to the next bout, the side discs and outer spring steel closers are adjustable in their height and angle.

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Levelling discs

For use in medium to heavy soils, the levelling discs behind the tines are recommended, these are, from choice, in either a smooth or serrated execution.

The smooth 460 mm diameter levelling discs are ideally suited for operation on medium to heavy soils but where there is just an average amount of straw prevailing.

The serrated 460 mm diameter levelling discs provide an increased mixing effect over the smooth levelling discs and provide a consistent drive, even where there are large amounts of straw.

  1. 460 mm
  2. 460 mm
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Federstahlzustreicher (1) Cenius_3002_Special_002_d1_170124

Spring levelling tines

When used on areas with light soil and low straw content, the Cenius can be equipped with the more cost-effective spring steel closers.

These spring steel closers are lighter than the levelling discs and feature a spring steel overload safety device. For an optimum matching up at either side, either the adjustable outer spring elements, or the lower-cost rigid outer closers are available.

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Zuverlässige Scheibenlagerung (1) Cenius_7003-2TX_Super_Case_d0_kw_2868_d1_170125

Reliable disc bearings

The individual concave discs are mounted via rubber spring elements and thus feature a maintenance-free overload safety device. The bearings of the discs are, of course, maintenance-free.

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Cenius slide seal (1)

Cenius slide seal

With no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where the rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and continue to work absolutely reliably under the toughest of operational conditions.

The benefits:

  • Optimal levelling via spring levelling tines or levelling discs, either smooth or serrated
  • Side discs available with individual height and angle adjustment providing a level finish between passes
  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals and life-long lubrication
  • Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks comes as standard

  1. 2-row angular contact ball bearing
  2. 2 x O-Ring
  3. 2 x cast rings with face seal
  4. Face seal built into conical seats
  5. Gear oil filled housing
  6. Proven 1,000,000 times over!

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Loosening and mixing

The 3-stagger and 4-stagger layout of the tines in the main frame ensure an intensive and optimum incorporation of straw residues in the top soil. Thanks to the narrow row spacings of less than 30 cm, dry, hard topsoil is worked across the full area. At the same time, the spacious tine to tine spacings and the huge frame height of 80 cm provide a high material passage and ensure the highest operational reliability.

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Comfortable adjustment

On all Cenius, the depth setting of the levelling system is carried out quickly, safely and without tools via two spindles. To further improve the operational performance and the level of comfort, AMAZONE now also offers the hydraulic adjustment of the levelling unit. In this way the complete adjustment of the Cenius is possible from the tractor cab. The hydraulic adjustment provides maximum comfort and operational safety. Via the clearly visible scale, the current working depth of the levelling discs is visible from the tractor seat so that a simple and quick adjustment on the move is possible.

The position of the trailing discs or the spring levelling tines for crumbling and levelling is adjusted centrally via the setting spindle, again without the use of tools. Adjustable side elements allow the clean matching up to the next bout.

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Large through-passage

The high underframe clearance also provides an undisturbed material flow, even where copious quantities of straw prevail. The following levelling tools evenly level the loosened soil.

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Cenius-2TX (1) Cenius7003-2TX-Super_Claas_d0_kw_DJI_1020_d1_170327

Cenius-2TX – 4-stagger trailed cultivator in 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 7 m and 8 m working widths

Using the Cenius and the Cenius-2TX provides agronomical benefits – and over a wide range of applications

  • Shallow stubble cultivation immediately after harvest: 5 to 12 cm
  • Medium-deep soil tillage and intensive mixing in of crop residues: 12 to 20 cm
  • Topsoil deep loosening: 20 to 30 cm
  • Seedbed preparation in the spring
  • Incorporation of solid and liquid manures and organic matter
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Maximum flexibility

The 4-stagger tine layout with pivoting tines, 28 cm row spacing and 80 cm frame height ensure a variable and blockage-free operation.

  • Cenius 4003-2TX Special/Super 4.0 m
  • Cenius 5003-2TX Special/Super 5.0 m
  • Cenius 6003-2TX Special/Super 6.0 m
  • Cenius 7003-2TX Special/Super 7.0 m
  • Cenius 8003-2TX Special/Super 8.0 m
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Maximum comfort

Due to the optimum shift in the centre of gravity, and the well thought-through hydraulic system, the main frame of the Cenius-2TX folds out in just 10 seconds and thus sets the standard in its class.
(profi comparison test: semi-mounted cultivators Part 2 · 6/2017)

In addition, the optional stepless hydraulic working depth adjustment with scale for reading off the current depth, provides a flexible approach to differing soil conditions.

The optionally available hydraulic adjustment of the levelling discs offers remote adjustment of the levelling section from the tractor seat ensuring a maximum of comfort and operational safety.

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Integrated running gear in a class of its own

"Performance in work: the soil is well mixed, very well levelled and the edges are clean."

"The roller has a very good carrying ability and matches our soil types 100 percent. During the total time we used it, it did not clog even once.”

(traction – working test AMAZONE Cenius 5003-2TX Super · 03/2016)

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Centralised and simple depth adjustment

At the front of the machine, support wheels carry out the depth guidance. At the rear of the machine the depth rollers take over this task.

Zentrale und einfache Tiefenverstellung (1) Tiefeneinstellung_1

If it is intended to adjust the working depth whilst on-the-move to react to varying soil conditions or to repair harmful compaction, the optionally available step-less hydraulic depth control is recommended. The depth setting of the support wheels, of the running gear and of the depth roller are synchronised through a hydraulic system via a double acting control valve – a big gain in comfort for the Cenius-2TX!

Zentrale und einfache Tiefenverstellung (2) Tiefeneinstellung_2

When working with depth rollers, the required lift height of the running gear is accurately defined for a minimum turnaround time on the headland. If, during operation, the working depth is adjusted, the lift height of the wheels is automatically matched via the hydraulic system. In this way any “running along” of the wheels is prevented. If, however, on areas with very light soils where some additional help from the transport wheels is desired, this can also be set.

Zentrale und einfache Tiefenverstellung (3) Tiefeneinstellung_3

In very wet conditions, in late autumn or when leaving the field to overwinter, the Cenius-2TX can be operated without a depth roller. In this special case, the chassis serves as the depth control. Comfortable to use spacers can be swivelled around the piston rod of the running gear hydraulic cylinder to keep the running gear then at the desired working depth. The tines at the rear of the wheels serve as wheel mark eradicators to ensure a level finish.

  • “The support wheels in front and the following roller at the rear reliably maintain the pre-set working depth.” (dlz agrar magazine · 02/2015)
  • “Comfortable and practical is the hydraulic depth adjustment of the tines which Amazone offers as an option.” (profi Practice test “Trailed cultivators Part 2” · 06/2017)

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Transport-Box Cenius-2TX Cenius_Detail_Transportbox_d0_sb_IMG_20180717_110934_d1_180926_CMS

Transport box, practical and spacious!

No matter whether its tools, shear bolts or share tips, take along what you need!

"A good addition to specify: The box holds tools and a second set of shares. Even the shear bolts are held in a tidy magazine.”

(profi Practice test “Trailed cultivators Part 2” · 06/2017)

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