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When it comes to the question of choosing an implement, many farms are looking for a tool that will not only help to reduce establishment costs but also be as versatile as possible. The solution is offered by the Cenius mulch cultivators, in either a mounted version in 3 m to 4 m, or the trailed Cenius-2TX cultivators in 4 m to 8 m. These can operate from shallow stubble work down to top soil deep loosening.

With its different levels of equipment, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions. In conjunction with either an active or passive AMAZONE sowing combination, a superb start for modern sowing systems is provided.

More with less – Cenius

  • More strength
  • More possibilities of use
  • More comfort and convenience
  • Fewer blockages
  • Less fuel
  • Lower wearing costs


  • Cenius 3003 Special/Super, 3.0 m working width
  • Cenius 3503 Super, 3.5 m working width
  • Cenius 4003 Super, 4.0 m working width
  • Cenius 4003-2 Special/Super, 4.0 m working width
  • Cenius 4003-2TX Super/Ultra, 4.0 m working width
  • Cenius 5003-2TX Super/Ultra, 5.0 m working width
  • Cenius 6003-2TX Super/Ultra, 6.0 m working width
  • Cenius 7003-2TX Super/Ultra, 7.0 m working width
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Ein Grubber der Extraklasse – Cenius-2TX (1)

The Cenius-2TX – a superior class of cultivator

Extremely low fuel consumption, extremely high output

Using the Cenius and the Cenius-2TX provides agronomical benefits – and over a wide range of applications

  • Shallow stubble cultivation immediately after harvest: 5 to 12 cm 
  • Medium-deep soil tillage and intensive incorporation of crop residues:
    12 to 20 cm 
  • Topsoil deep loosening: 20 to 35 cm 
  • Seedbed preparation in the spring 
  • Incorporation of solid and liquid manures and organic matter
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Maximum flexibility

The 4-stagger tine layout with pivoting tines, 28 cm tine spacing and 80 cm frame height ensure a variety of operation and will run blockage-free.

  • Cenius 4003-2TX Super/Ultra, 4.0 m working width
  • Cenius 5003-2TX Super/Ultra, 5.0 m working width
  • Cenius 6003-2TX Super/Ultra, 6.0 m working width
  • Cenius 7003-2TX Super/Ultra, 7.0 m working width
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Maximum comfort

When using the optional fully hydraulic working depth adjustment, including a scale to read off the working position, you do not need to work with clips or similar items, and it also provides flexible adaption to varying soil conditions.

The optionally available hydraulic adjustment of the levelling discs offers remote adjustment of the levelling section from the tractor seat ensuring maximum of comfort and operational safety. 

Due to the optimum shift in the centre of gravity, and the well thought-through hydraulic system, the wings of the Cenius-2TX fold out in just 10 seconds and thus sets the standard in its class. 
(profi Comparison test semi-mounted cultivators Part 2 · 6/2017)

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Operational reliability in all circumstances

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (1) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_Walze_normal_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels and the rear roller
If it is intended to adjust the working depth whilst on-the-move to react to varying soil conditions or to repair harmful compaction, the optional fully hydraulic working depth adjustment is recommended. The working depth adjustment is carried out hydraulically via the support wheels and the rear roller as an option. Manual working depth adjustment via spindles is also available as an alternative. 

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (2) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_Walze_leichte_Boeden_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels, running gear and the rear roller
It can be an advantage to allow the transport wheels to run in parallel on highly pressure-sensitive soils. The running gear thereby lightens the load on the rear roller. This is also not a problem for the Cenius-2TX.

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (3) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_ohne_Walze_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels and the running gear
In very wet conditions, in late autumn or when leaving the field to overwinter, the Cenius-2TX can be operated without a depth roller. In this special case, the running gear serves as the depth control. The tines at the rear of the wheels serve as wheel mark eradicators to ensure a level finish.

“The hydraulic depth adjustment of the tines which Amazone offers as an option is comfortable and practical.”
(profi Practice test “Semi-mounted cultivators Part 2” · 06/2017)

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Lockern und Mischen (1) Cenius_7003-2TX_Claas_Cirrus_6003-2C_Deutz_003_d1_170126_115pro

Loosening and mixing

The 3-stagger and 4-stagger layout of the tines in the main frame ensure an intensive and optimum incorporation of straw residues in the top soil. Thanks to the narrow row spacings of less than 30 cm, dry, hard topsoil is worked across the full area. At the same time, the spacious tine to tine spacings and the huge frame height of 80 cm provide a high material passage and ensure the highest operational reliability. 

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Large through-passage

The high underframe clearance also provides an undisturbed material flow, even where copious quantities of straw prevail. The following levelling tools evenly level the loosened soil.

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