Fertiliser and seed placement

Düngereinlegerzinken für Cenius-2TX (1) Cenius_Detail_Schar_d0_kw_3154_d1_150901

Fertiliser supply tines for Cenius-2TX

Supply of the fertiliser is carried out in the shadow of the share. The depth at which the fertiliser is going to be placed can be adjusted via a flap in the fertiliser supply tines. The fertiliser supply tines can be used together with the C-Mix 80 share or with the new
C-Mix 40 share.

Adjustment possibilities for the fertiliser position:

  1. 100 % close to the surface 
  2. 50 % close to the surface/50 % under root
  3. 100 % under root
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Saatgut-Prallteller vor der Walze (1) Saatgut-Prallteller_d1_151013

Seed baffle plates in front of the roller

Optimum growing conditions are created by the seed baffle plates. The seed application is carried out evenly and is targeted in front of the roller. In this way, the seed is pressed into the soil but without being incorporated too deeply.

The seed is therefore provided with the ideal amount of soil contact and soil moisture, thereby creating the optimum conditions for germination.

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