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High level of flexibility

Efficient base fertilisation is of great importance in times of rising fertiliser prices. Targeted fertilisation during soil tillage is a solution which makes the nutrients available to the plants in the best way possible. The additional logistical benefits compared with fertilisation during sowing also speak in favour of fertilisation during soil tillage, especially if higher quantities are to be applied. Sowing technology downtimes can therefore be avoided and the sowing time windows used effectively.

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High output

The XTender features a pressurised tank with a capacity of either 2,200 l or 4,200 l, which can be split in a ratio of 50/50. The XTender can be equipped with one or two conveying systems depending on whether only fertiliser or seed is to be applied or a combination of the two. Application rates from 2 to 400 kg/ha can be achieved.

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Komfortable Bedienung (1) Cenius_6003-2TX-Super_XTender_Claas_d0_kw_0065_d1_150831

Comfortable operation

The electrically driven metering enables easy adjustment of the seed rate from the tractor cab, pre-metering in field corners and calibration at the touch of a button.

The TwinTerminal 3.0, which is familiar from the sowing technology, is available as an option. Additional optional equipment includes a camera system, LED working lights and internal hopper lighting. These provide good illumination in dark conditions and the camera ensures that there is a clear view of the trailed machine.

The hopper can be easily accessed via the ladder and the loading board, which are equipped as standard. Thanks to the large hopper opening, filling is also quick and simple to accomplish.

“AMAZONE has designed the access ladder and the platform to be practical and safe. The hopper covers are also sufficiently large and sturdy for filling from big bags."
(profi – Test report AMAZONE XTender 4200 · 11/2015)

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High-quality workmanship

The basic hopper used by AMAZONE is deep drawn. Thanks to the deep-drawing manufacturing process, the hopper has no corners, edges or welds. This provides a continuous and even flow of the fertiliser and seed. The low level sensors in the left-hand and right-hand hopper tip monitor the fill level. The system outputs a warning message on the terminal as soon as the minimum level is reached.

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Universally combinable

Via the 3-point linkage (Cat. 3/4N), the XTender is mounted onto the tractor with a favourable centre of gravity. The coupling of the following implement onto the Xtender is also carried out via a standardised lower linkage. Categories 3 or 4N are available for selection here.

The XTender-T is equipped with its own chassis, meaning that it can be attached via the lower linkage, various towing eyes or a K80 ball coupling. Other implements can also be attached. The same mounting options are available for the mounted implements.

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