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ArgusTwin: The spreader’s eyes – it sees what you don’t see!

Automatic adjustment of the optimum lateral distribution

With the Argus Twin system, AMAZONE offers a system for spread pattern monitoring with automatic spread pattern adjustment. The registration of the lateral distribution is carried out via radar technology which is not affected by dust and pollution, and provides reliable results in practice. ArgusTwin monitors both the left- and right-hand spread fan and corrects the electric delivery system if necessary.

“ArgusTwin optimised the lateral distribution within seconds.“
(“profi” – Test report Amazone ArgusTwin· 01/2016)

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Automatic delivery system adjustment

Via the ISOBUS terminal, the application rate and any further relevant data for the fertiliser to be spread are entered from the setting chart. For the Argus system, the spreading chart has been updated to include the throwing angle that gives the optimum lateral distribution. Utilising this value, ArgusTwin constantly checks whether the predetermined direction of throw for that fertiliser is in fact being maintained by the spreading discs. When the actual throwing width deviates from the “desired” throwing width due to inconsistencies within the fertiliser, worn spreading vanes, working across slopes or during starting and stopping procedures, the spreader readjusts, on its own, the setting for the delivery system – and that of each side individually. 

The ArgusTwin system always ensures optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser via permanent online monitoring and correction of the delivery system. This leads to a more effective fertiliser use and forms the basis for optimum crop management.

The system is ready for operation immediately. It also operates even when border spreading and if part-width sections are switched off and on. In hilly terrain, Argus even provides slope compensation of the spread pattern via the automatic readjustment of the delivery position of the fertiliser. Due to the rigid fixing, the system avoids any moving components and is thus extremely robust and is completely maintenance-free.

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Benefits for the ArgusTwin

  1. The system is ready for operation immediately
  2. Positioned directly above the spreading discs
    • The system is located safely between the outer guard tube and the base hopper
    • There are therefore no areas where moisture, dirt or fertiliser can be deposited
  3. Constant on-line monitoring of both spread fans
  4. Maintains an optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser even with variable fertiliser quality
    • The basis for optimum crop management
    • More effective use of the fertiliser
  5. The system is also active when border spreading or if a part-width section is switched on or off
  6. Automatic slope compensation of the spread pattern by readjustment of the delivery system position
  7. Rigidly attached to the spreader: no moving parts – completely maintenance-friendly and free of wear
Vorteile für ArgusTwin (1)
The problem in practice – poor lateral distribution, for instance, due to a change in fertiliser properties Independent monitoring of both sides of the spread fan via 14 radar sensors
Vorteile für ArgusTwin (2)
Automatic adjustment of the delivery system via ArgusTwin: The perfect lateral distribution gives evenly established crops even with changing fertiliser qualities and properties

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WindControl for particularly windy locations

Optimum lateral distribution

For particularly windy locations, AMAZONE offers WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) for the ZA-TS and ZG-TS as a supplement to the ArgusTwin system. WindControl enables the influence of the wind on the spread pattern to be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for.

In this respect, a high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine measures the wind speed and wind direction. In conjunction with information from ArgusTwin, the job computer uses this data to calculate new setting values for the delivery system and spreading disc speed. If there is a side wind, the speed of the side facing the wind is increased and the delivery system is turned outwards. At the same time, the speed of the side facing away from the wind is reduced and the delivery system is turned inwards.

With the aid of WindControl, larger time windows are created for spreading in windy conditions. In addition to all the important fertiliser spreader parameters, the user also has an overview of the current values for wind direction, wind speed and gusts. In addition, WindControl sends an automatic warning to the driver in strong winds if the system is no longer able to compensate for the effects of the wind or gusts occur too frequently.

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Spreader Application Center: Exemplary – for more than 25 years

The settings are crucial!

With the introduction of Spreader Application Center, AMAZONE further expanded its level of customer service. In addition to the already established fertiliser laboratory and spreading hall, the Spreader Application Center now also includes the areas of “Test and Training“, “Data Management“ and the related “Knowledge Transfer”.

The last two areas are a necessary restructuring in response to the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture. The objective of the Spreader Application Center is to provide the customer with an even better service in regard to spreading fertiliser.

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The exclusive service for the users of AMAZONE fertiliser technology

The fertiliser service works beyond boundaries. And not just geographical boundaries, because, regardless of whether your fertiliser spreader is 5 or 50 years old, we are always competently and reliably at your side.

The best way: fertiliser service on the Internet at

Optimum fertilisation does not just involve fertiliser and spreaders! Competent advice about critical types of fertiliser is just as important. You can obtain the latest setting values for lateral distribution and spread rates for the AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders from our database on the Internet at, 24 hours a day and free of charge. To do this, just select your machine model and the spreading material.

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EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy!

Digital, mobile test kit for the simple optimisation of lateral distribution

Instead of the test trays found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck System consists of only 16 lightweight rubber collecting mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones. The collecting mats are positioned at specific distances away from the tramline. The corresponding tramlines are then spread and the mats with the collected fertiliser granules are photographed via a smartphone. The App now automatically compares how much fertiliser has been collected on the individual test mats and puts the results of the individual rows into an average. If the spreading result is not ideal, the App proposes an appropriate correction for the adjustment of the respective fertiliser spreader.

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WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

Calculate that extra profit: With the AMAZONE Border Spreading Calculator

With the AutoTS system, an average yield increase of approximately 17 percent compared with conventional systems can be obtained in the field boundary area.

Calculate the benefit yourself!

SmartLearning - EasyCheck

Precise spreading made easy – a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays, as with the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.