GreenDrill catch crop seeder box

The GreenDrill universal catch crop seeder box is the ideal solution for sowing catch crops or undersown crops in a single pass. It can be used with the Cataya or Centaya harrow-mounted seed drill, the D9-60 trailed seed drill, the Cirrus trailed seed drill combination or the Primera DMC large area seed drill. The GreenDrill seed hopper is easily accessed via steps or the loading step and has a capacity of 200 or 500 litres. The seed is distributed across the full width using baffle plates or distribution rails. In addition, the catch crop can be applied directly via the sowing coulter or via a separate outlet on the coulter as an alternative.

Freisteller GreenDrill catch crop seeder box

Your benefits at a glance

  • Direct application of the catch crop or fine seed with the main crop in a single pass
  • Metering rollers available for different seed rates and types
  • Wide-area distribution via baffle plates, distribution rails or directly via the sowing coulter
  • Easily accessible via steps or the loading step
  • Machine control via in-cab terminal 5.2 or ISOBUS terminal

Convenient operation of the GreenDrill 200 via the in-cab terminal 5.2
The in-cab terminal 5.2 is available for controlling the GreenDrill 200. This gives the operator control of the seed shaft and the blower fan speed. In addition, an options' menu is available to assist the calibration as well as also indicating the forward speed, the worked area and the working hours. The seed shaft speed automatically matches to the varying forward speeds as soon as the on-board computer is connected via the 7-pin tractor signal socket.

Machine control of the GreenDrill 501 via ISOBUS
Control of the GreenDrill 501 can be achieved in various ways, depending on the machine on which the GreenDrill is mounted. For example, if the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a seed drill with an ISOBUS electronic system, it is fully integrated in the electronic system of the machine as an “ISOBUS participant”. The GreenDrill is displayed and controlled as a second or third seed hopper and metering unit in the machine operating section on the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal or on any ISOBUS terminal.

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