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Seedbed preparation and sowing – Stay flexible

The Centaya harrow-mounted seed drill can be, from choice, combined with either a KX/KG rotary cultivator or with the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow.

With various models of roller available, it is possible to specify a complete unit of soil tillage and drill that are perfectly matched to the prevailing soil conditions.

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KX rotary cultivator – the all-rounder

With the KX rotary cultivator, in a 3 m working width and for tractors in the 190 HP class, a very flexible, usable PTO-driven soil tillage implement now exists that can be used as a rotary cultivator or as a rotary harrow.

The KX rotary cultivator is ideally suited for seedbed preparation on medium to heavy soils.


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KG Super rotary cultivator – the “muscle man”

The KG Special rotary cultivators, in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m, are ideally suited for seedbed preparation on heavy soils and for mulch sowing.

The KG Super, in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m working widths, is equipped with a high capacity gearbox for tractor horsepowers of up to 300 HP. The KG Super has reinforced tines as standard and can be ordered with hydraulic depth adjustment and oil cooler as options.


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CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow

The mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow in its 3 m working width is ideally suited to high forward speeds, especially when sowing with a harrow-mounted seed drill. With working depths of 3 cm to 8 cm, an optimum seedbed is created. The wide roller programme offers, for any soil type, the most suitable roller for the optimum reconsolidation.


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Mounted or demounted – clever, simple and flexible

Thanks to the QuickLink quick release coupling system on the Cataya conventional combination, the seed drill can be easily and quickly linked to the various AMAZONE soil tillage machines without the need for tools.

In this way, the most appropriate and versatile sowing combination can be put together to cope with the most diverse of soils and applications.

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QuickLink quick coupling system

Thanks to the intelligent QuickLink quick coupling system, the drill combination can be very easily separated within a few minutes. So, the soil tillage implement can also be utilised perfectly for solo operation.

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Seed hopper

From choice, the Centaya Super can be specified with either a 1,600 l or with a 2,000 l seed hopper. Via the steps and loading board, the hopper, which is made from plastic, can be easily accessed from the left hand side of the machine. The hopper is positioned well forward and thus offers an optimum centre of gravity right up against the tractor. Thanks to the deep hopper tip and steep hopper walls, the seed is consistently delivered to the metering system. Additionally, this design means that only small residual amounts are left in the hopper.

The benefits:

  • Large seed hopper with spacious hopper opening
  • Optimum machine centre of gravity
  • Convenient access, ideal also for filling with sacks or via a front end loader bucket
  • Roll-over cover – quick and safe
    A roll-over cover closes the hopper opening clean and tight. When the cover is opened up it rolls back taking up little space.
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Comfortable filling

An especially-wide loading board, accessible via folding rear steps, simplifies the filling of the seed drill. The very spacious 2.43 x 0.91 m hopper opening enables a quick and convenient filling procedure, not just from big bags, front end loaders, but also via sacks.

When filling via small sacks, the protective sieves in the seed hopper can be utilised as a loading aid. Additional sacks of seed can also be laid on these screens and transported to the field.

Depending on seed and seed rate, the low level sensor can be height adjusted to suit so that the driver, at the desired contents level, receives a signal via the terminal.

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