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Via the SmartCenter, AMAZONE offers a very simple and clear layout of all the most important adjustments. Independent to each other, the sowing depth and the coulter pressure in the SmartCenter are centrally adjusted at the left hand side. Thanks to being able to just use the universal setting tool, any adjustments are done quickly and easily.

1. Remotely controlled opening of the calibration flap
2. Storage compartment for foldable bucket
3. TwinTerminal 3.0 (with Comfort-Pack 1)
4. Storage compartment for the weigh scales
5. Centralised setting of the sowing depth (only on TwinTeC)
6. Display of the sowing depth (only on TwinTeC)

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The calibration concept

Convenient calibration via the SmartCenter on the left hand side of the drill thanks to the calibration button or, as an option, using the TwinTerminal 3.0. For this, the tray for the calibration is placed directly underneath the metering unit. Subsequently the calibration tray can be removed comfortably via the SmartCenter. Thanks to the intelligent integration of this function, the calibration tray can be removed only when the metering flap has been closed via the remote linkage.

During the calibration procedure, the seed is delivered safely and cleanly into the calibration tray. Also decanting into the supplied folding bucket is done quickly, easily and comfortably. After calibration, the calibration tray is simply, with its opening facing downwards, stored in the park position.

The digital weighing scales provided as standard enable the exact weighing of the calibrated seed. Additional storage space in the SmartCenter provides sufficient room for the folding bucket and the digital scales.

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System Airstar: Reliable metering drive – Simple adjustment and comfortable calibration

1. ElectricDrive electric metering drive: the electric metering drive is regulated via any ISOBUS terminal. Calibration is comfortable in conjunction with the electric drive. This also offers additional functions such as the pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate during operation. For detecting the forward speed of the drill several different signal sources are potentially available. In addition to the radar sensor or GPS signal, also the speed signal of the tractor can be utilised. Alternatively, the metering unit, and thus the seed rate, can be controlled fully automatically via application maps.

2. Quick emptying: the emptying of the seed in the hopper is quickly and simply done via the quick emptying device which is easily accessible and fitted onto the seed hopper.

3. Emptying of residual amounts: for emptying any residual amounts, a slide is opened and the hopper contents emptied into the large calibration tray.

4. Easy exchange of the metering cassettes: the cassettes of the seed metering system can easily be exchanged. This allows the precise and gentle metering of all seed types and seed rates with excellent distribution along the row even at high forward speeds. 

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Working position and speed signals

The standard equipment of electric drive offers the possibility to freely choose the signal source for both the speed and also the working position. In this way, depending on the application, a flexible choice between the different sources is possible.

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Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

For simplifying the pre-metering, calibration or residue emptying functions further, AMAZONE offers the Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0. Instead of the calibration button, the TwinTerminal is fitted in the SmartCenter. This position offers a decisive benefit: The driver now can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration procedure directly at the machine and thus the repeated climbing up and down into the tractor is no longer necessary.

The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dust-proof housing with a 3.2" display and 4 large keys for actuation.

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Metering cassettes for any type of seed

Special metering cassettes for different application rates precisely and gently deliver the seed up to the distributor head. The 3 metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

The interchangeable metering cassettes are suitable for the following application rates: fine seeds (approx. < 15 kg/ha), medium sized seeds (approx. < 140 kg/ha), normal seeds (approx. > 140 kg/ha).

1. 7.5 ccm: e.g. for linseed, poppies
2. 20 ccm: e.g. for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne
3. 120 ccm: e.g. for green manure, maize and sunflowers
4. 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
5. 600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat

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Segmented distributor head with electric half-side shut-off

The segmented distributor head is arranged behind the seed hopper directly above the coulters. This arrangement ensures a short conveying time for the seed.

The optional electric half-side shut-off helps to reduce any over-sowing on the headland or round the field border and thus saves seed. Via the half-side shut-off, the drill metering can be comfortably controlled via the terminal in wedge shaped fields or on a diagonal headland. Additionally, via GPS, the automated switching of half the working width is possible.

Either when using the electric half-side shut-off or during a tramline bout, the seed rate is reduced automatically.

The benefits:

  • Electric half-side shut-off
  • Short conveying times for the seed
  • Reduction in overlap saves seed
  • Minimising dust creation inside the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted
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Variable tramline control

With the aid of the tramline shut-offs, in total up to six seed rows per side can be switched off. The ability to cope with wider tramline gaps satisfies the use of husbandry tractors with tyre widths of up to 1,050 mm at 15 cm row spacing or 875 mm at a row spacing of 12.5 cm. In this way, AMAZONE takes into account the demands of wider and wider tyres on the crop husbandry tractor. Whilst shut off when tramlining, the seed rate is automatically reduced. 

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Seed tube monitoring

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the tube. Directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.

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