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Cirrus Compact mit 1-Kammerbehälter (1) Cirrus3003compact-TT_d0_kw_P8082380_d1_191028

Cirrus Compact with single-chamber hopper

With 3,000 l seed hopper – so very quick and manoeuvrable

  • Cirrus 3003 Compact (rigid): 3.0 m working width
  • Cirrus 3503 Compact (rigid): 3.43 m/3.5 m working width
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Cirrus mit 1-Kammerbehälter (1) Cirrus4003_d0_kw_DJI_0449_d1_171018

Cirrus with single-chamber hopper

With 3,600 l seed hopper – for more output

  • Cirrus 4003 (rigid): 4.0 m working width
  • Cirrus 4003-2 (folding): 4.0 m working width
  • Cirrus 6003-2 (folding): 6.0 m working width
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Cirrus-C mit 2-Kammerbehälter und einer Förderstrecke – Single-Shoot (1) Cirrus_4003-C_002_d1_170111

Cirrus-C with twin-chamber hopper and single-shoot conveying system

  • Cirrus 4003-CC (rigid), 4.0 m working width
  • Cirrus 4003-2CC (folding), 4.0 m working width
  • Cirrus 6003-2CC (folding) 6.0 m working width
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Cirrus-CC 2-Kammerbehälter und zweiter Förderstrecke – Double-Shoot (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0330_d1_191026

Cirrus-CC with twin-chamber hopper and double-shoot second conveying system

Cirrus 4003-CC (rigid), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 4003-2CC (folding), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 6003-2CC (folding), 6.0 m  working width

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Flexible tank and conveying systems – maximum individualisation for arable farming

  • Cirrus with single-chamber hopper
  • Cirrus with twin-chamber hopper and single-shoot conveying system
  • Cirrus with twin-chamber hopper and double-shoot twin conveying system

"The tank is effectively placed above the disc element and thus ensures smooth running of the discs and sufficient weight."
("dlz agrar magazine" – Field test "Sowing quickly and with air" · 07/2017)

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Cirrus 3003 und 3503 Compact – Kompakt, wendig, schnell (1) Cirrus_3003-2_d0_ah-ab_DSC07177_d1_171016

Cirrus 3003 and 3503 Compact – Compact, easily manoeuvrable, fast

The Cirrus Compact models offer an attractive option for smaller fields. Tremendous manoeuvrability is provided with a 550 mm shorter axle position than on the Cirrus 6003-2 and in conjunction with its lower link mounting. So, even on tight headlands excellent work rates are possible.

With its 3,000 l hopper capacity and the maximum speed of 40 km/h, the Cirrus Compact is ideal for farms which do not have any facility for in-field filling. In accordance with the relevant national traffic road regulations, the Cirrus is available with an unbraked chassis, dual-circuit air braking or a hydraulic braking system.

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Working widths of 3.43 and 3.5 m

This seed drill, with a working width of 3.5 m, has been developed for countries or regions where a transport width of 3.5 m on the road is permissible. Of course, this machine also is a very interesting alternative for farms in a ring because this trailed sowing combination matches very well with 21 m and 28 m tramline systems. In addition, a working width of 3.43 m is available, so that, for example, a 7-bout tramline rhythm for 24 m can be achieved.

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Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2 – Compact, fast, universal

The trailed Cirrus sowing combination, with a working width of 4 m, is available in either a rigid or folding version. The folding version folds for road transport down to a transport width of 3 m.

These 4 m versions are particularly suitable for medium-sized farms which require a large seed capacity and therefore high work rates. This size of tractor is optimally suited for the Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2.

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Cirrus 6003-2 for higher work rates

AMAZONE offers the folding Cirrus 6003-2 in 6 m working width for higher work rates and larger farms.

Cirrus versions, in greater than 4 m working width, are available with a single-outlet hopper in a 3,600 l volume or with a two-outlet, twin-chamber, 4,000 l hopper for simultaneous application of fertiliser and seed.

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Modern convenient, safety and maintenance concepts

  • Compact transport dimensions allow for fast and safe road transport up to 40 km/h
  • LED work lights
  • Standard storage box
  • Slip-resistant, convenient walkways
  • Long maintenance and lubrication intervals
  • Enhanced material quality and minimised wear

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Günstiger Schwerpunkt (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_Fendt_d0_kw_P7128987_d1_191028

Advantageous centre of gravity

Large hopper capacities of up to 4,000 l reduce the refill times to a minimum. The hopper on the Cirrus has an optimally arranged centre of gravity and provides excellent visibility, in spite of its considerable size.

Advantages of the seed hopper:

  • Advantageous centre of gravity
  • Narrow tank provides good visibility
  • Steep hopper walls ensure low residual volumes and optimal flow of the contents
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Comfortable filling

Steps ease climbing up and the safe loading platform with railing eases access to the seed hopper. The tank can be simply filled from small bags, big bags, via a filling auger on a trailer or a loading shovel. The simple to handle folding lid ensures the airtight closing of the hopper.   

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Bequemes Befüllen (2) Cirrus-Schnellentleerung_d1_130304

Reliable operation

Sieves safely protect the user against unintentional injury as well as the metering system against foreign objects. The sieves can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes and are very handy as a storage place for carrying additional sacks of seed.

The benefits:

  • Good accessibility via the front ladder or lateral loading board
  • Simple calibration process
  • Convenient quick-emptying device 
  • Roll-over cover or hopper lid for fast and safe closure
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Befüllschnecke (1) Cirrus6003-2_IMG_5246_d1_170118

Filling auger

The optional, hydraulically swivelable filling auger provides a convenient solution for quickly filling the Cirrus. Easy swivelling of the filling auger allows for convenient loading from a trailer. The filling auger can be combined with all other equipment and provides a good overview during manoeuvring, due to the arrangement of the auger on the left side.

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