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GreenDrill 501 – Universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l hopper capacity

Comfortable, flexible and precise 
The GreenDrill seeder box is the ideal solution for sowing catch crops or the under-sowing of a secondary crop in just one operational pass. The GreenDrill seed hopper, which is safely accessed via steps has a capacity of 500 l. The distribution of the seed across the entire area is achieved by baffle plates in front of the harrow or by seed pipes between the coulters.

Benefits of GreenDrill:

  • Sowing catch crops and fine seeds simultaneously with stubble cultivation or soil tillage
  • Various different metering rolls are available
  • Wide-area distribution using baffle plates or seed pipes between the coulters
  • Easily accessible via access steps
  • Machine control via ISOBUS interface
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Maschinensteuerung über ISOBUS (1) Cirrus6003_GreenDrill_GD501_d0_kw_P5096339_d1_190812

Machine control via ISOBUS

Control of the GreenDrill can be achieved in various ways, depending on the machine onto which the GreenDrill has been mounted. For example, if the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Cirrus, it is an “ISOBUS participant” and, as such, is fully integrated into the electronic system of the Cirrus. The GreenDrill is shown in the controls of the machine operating section of the terminal as a second or third seed hopper with metering unit.

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Präzise elektrische Dosierung (1) Cirrus6003_GreenDrill_GD501_d0_kw_P5096303_d1_190809_CMS

Accurate electrical metering

The metering of the seed is carried out by an electrically-driven metering unit. The electric drive facilitates easy setting of the seed rate using the ISOBUS terminal in the tractor cab. Alternatively, the electric drive can also be controlled fully automatically using application maps. It is furthermore possible to calibrate the system at the push of a button and to do pre-metering in field corners.

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