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Precision metering

You can rely on the proven fully electric metering via AMADRILL+ or AMATRON 3 to enable the precise adjustment of the seed rate. You just have to adjust the seed rate on the operator terminal, calibrate the machine and then enter the determined weight into the terminal. Seed rate and operational speed – determined via the impulses of the radar – then determine the driving speed of the metering cassette. In this way, any inaccuracies in seed rate are avoided.

For coarse, medium or fine seeds, interchangeable metering cassettes are available – allowing the matching to differing seed types and seed rates and thus an absolutely even metering and gentle handling of the seed. All the metering cassettes can be exchanged very quickly and without tools, irrespective of the fill level of the seed hopper.

20 ccm, z.B. e.g. for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne
210 ccm, z.B. e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
600 ccm, z.B. e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat

For fine seeds, poppies, catch crops, maize, sunflowers, peas and beans, then additional metering cassettes are available as an option.

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Metering cassette 7.5 ccm: 
For flax and poppies
Metering cassette 120 ccm: 
For catch crops, maize and sunflowers
Metering cassette 700 ccm: 
For peas and beans

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Air diffuser

When sowing mixtures with heavily-deviating bulk densities/volumes (light seed/heavy fertiliser) the seed flow can be maintained via an air diffuser. The air stream from the blower fan is self-regulating thus preventing the need for readjustment or the blowing out of any lighter material.

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Pre-emergence markers

The pre-emergence markers clearly mark the tramlines via large discs so that the tranlimes are visible prior to the seed emergence. This improves the accuracy when creating tramlines and they are ideal for pre-emergence spraying.  

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The basic settings

The Cayena is carried via the tractor’s lower links and the wedge ring tyres. Guide wheels, available as an option and mounted in front of the tine coulters, help provide a smooth run, even at high sowing speeds. The sowing depth of the seed is simply adjusted via ratchets and, just as easily, the Exact harrow S is matched to the seed embedding; the drill is then ready to go.

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Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

For simplifying the pre-metering, calibration or residue emptying functions further, AMAZONE offers the Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0. Instead of the calibration button, the TwinTerminal is fitted in the SmartCenter. This position offers a decisive benefit: The driver now can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration procedure directly at the machine and thus the repeated climbing up and down into the tractor is no longer necessary.

The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dust-proof housing with a 3.2" display and 4 large keys for actuation.

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