Narrow sowing in discussion

When sowing maize with narrow row spacings below 75 cm the plants develop better in early growth in specific conditions. However, now the precision sowing of rape with row spacings of 37.5 or 44.9 cm (45 cm) is discussed. Here also, AMAZONE offers the perfect solution.

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Traktorspurlockerer (1) EDX_Traktorspurlockerer_001_d2_20170127

Tractor wheel mark eradicators

For operation on heavy soils, tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense to loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres. The high-quality spring tine eradicator is equipped with a tensioning spring. Via the interchangeable choice of either wing share or narrow share, flexible application is possible.

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Sämaschinen-Spurlockerer (1) Cataya-3000_d0_kw_3213_d2_170124

Seed drill wheel mark eradicators

Again when operating on compaction sensitive soils, the optional seed drill wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres of the seed drill. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Depending on soil type and implementation of the machine, the wheel mark eradicators can be equipped with different wear points. Overload protection ensures a constant trip force in all positions.

  1. Narrow share
  2. Diamond share
  3. Wing share
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In-cab control of the Vario gearbox

With the remote control for the Vario-gearbox, you can electronically adjust the fertiliser rate in the EDX 9000-TC via the AMATRON 3 without getting off the tractor.

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Transportbox (1) EDX_dosiertbox_001_d2_121105


Up to two boxes can be mounted on the frame of the EDX 9000-TC for transporting additional metering drums. The boxes provide a dry and user-friendly solution for transport of the metering drums.

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