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Micro plus micro-granular applicator

AMAZONE offers the option of equipping the ED with one or two Micro plus micro-granular applicators. In this way, during one pass, up to two micro-granules can be applied to the seed, depending on the machine type. Depending on the preference, the granules can be applied at two different points. Micro plus features a central 110 l hopper and one central electric metering for all rows making filling and emptying very easy. The application rate of the granules can be very simply adjusted and changed via the terminal.

In the basic electronic equipment level for the ED Special, the Micro plus micro-granular applicator is controlled via an additional AmaDrill+ on-board computer.

ISOBUS terminals, used in conjunction with the Profi electronics, are able to autonomously control a micro-granular applicator. A second micro-granular applicator has to be controlled via an additional AmaDrill+.

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Calibration button

By interaction with the ISOBUS terminal, a calibration test to determine the precise application rate of the fertiliser can be quickly done. The complete calibration procedure is carried out conveniently at the left hand side of the machine.

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Fertiliser equipment

For metering the fertiliser, the ED Special is equipped with a mechanical drive, whereas the ED Super has an electric system. With the electric drive, the fertiliser rate can be also variably matched on the move. In conjunction with the electric metering drive, the calibration button is standard at the ED Super. The optional internal hopper lights and the LED working lights allow operation also at night.

Via the loading board, the rear fertiliser hopper is simply and safely accessed. For all models, a loading board with an integrated transport box is also available.

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Drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters

Both the drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters have been designed for tough operational conditions. The strong tension spring (160 kg) protects the coulter from stone damage and yet on the other hand helps maintain an even placement depth. The depth is set quickly without tools via simply resetting a pin. The special clamp arrangement allows the positioning of the fertiliser coulter where desired in relation to the sowing coulter.

Due to its large diameter, the single-disc fertiliser coulter is especially well suited for mulch sowing conditions. It does not feature any scrapers and thus rotates blockage-free even in extreme situations. The Boron steel disc offers high wear resistance.

  • Particular mention should be made of the Clip-on point on the drag fertiliser coulter. By loosening a well-protected fixing screw, the wearing tip can be removed! This saves time! The back-up support prevents any unintentional blocking of the drag fertiliser coulter when either lowering the machine or when backing up.
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Filling auger

Time-saving filling of the fertiliser hopper

For filling the ED with fertiliser, AMAZONE offers a hydraulically-driven filling auger, integrated within the machine concept. In this way fill times can be reduced and the work rate of the machine further increased. The filling auger is available for all models of ED. 

Due to the filling height of just 70 cm, the conveying auger can be filled also via a simple tipping trailer. The drive and control of the filling auger is carried out via the hydraulic system of the tractor.

For an easy fill level check, the fertiliser hopper is equipped with large inspection windows at the front and at the rear. In addition, also an electronic fill level control of the rear fertiliser hopper can be chosen, reminding the driver to refill the fertiliser hopper right on time.

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