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Coulter technology in perfection

“The coulter system on the EDX performed particularly well in our test under all operating conditions. Even when mulch sowing, and in heavy soil, the coulter system for both the fertiliser and the seed maintained their depth."
(top agrar Test · 2/2013)

  • The EDX precision air seeders open up a wide range of applications.
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Even at high forward speeds

When working at high forward speeds it is important that the fertiliser and sowing units run smoothly so that fertiliser and seed are precisely placed at the desired depth. Therefore, all AMAZONE EDX precision air seeders use centralised, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure systems.

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Accurate fertiliser placement

Via diagonally opposite arranged fertiliser coulters, with built-in furrow formers, the mineral fertiliser is placed exactly 5 cm next to the seed furrow. For operation on abrasive soil types the machines can be also equipped with hard metal coated furrow formers. The delivery of the fertiliser rate is carried out via a stepless gearbox from the centralised feed hopper. The placement depth is controlled on all the coulters via a hydraulic central coulter pressure adjustment.

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Filling auger

Thanks to the special sowing units the EDX precision air seeder can be used universally and without conversion for conventional sowing, mulch sowing or direct sowing.

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High level of flexibility

The FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be used in combination with the Primera DMC, Condor and Citan seed drills or the EDX precision air seeder. A pairing of the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart and a seed drill with its own granular fertiliser tank even allows for the application of liquid fertiliser and mineral fertiliser in parallel in a single pass.

The FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be combined with these seed drills:

Große Flexibilität (1) EDX_9000-TC_005_d2_111026
EDX 9000-TC precision air seeder
Große Flexibilität (2) Primera_DMC_9001-2C_d0_kw_P8176478_d1_190108
Primera DMC direct seed drill

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Condor 12001-C/15001-C direct seed drill

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