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The EDX range from AMAZONE stands for high efficiency

They all have in common that they can be operated not only in conventional and conservation soil tillage but also by direct sowing. This is valid for sowing maize, sunflowers and rape.

The trailed EDX 6000-TC and 9000-TC are ideally suited to large sized fields. Experience in practice shows that with an EDX 9000-TC, depending on the farm, a seasonal output of up to 1,500 ha is possible. The approximate seasonal output for the smaller EDX 6000-TC is in the region of 900 ha.

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EDX 9000-TC

Uncompromising in large area operation

As the flagship of the EDX precision air seeders, the trailed EDX 9000-TC with its 9 m working width has been designed without compromise for operation in large fields. Many EDX 9000-TC have managed 1,000 ha and more in just one sowing season to the utmost satisfaction of their owners.

The EDX 9000-TC has two central seed hoppers with a capacity of 400 l each, and the fertiliser hopper holds 4,600 l. AMAZONE also offers a filling auger for the EDX 9000-TC as a special option for the quick and easy filling of the fertiliser hopper.

The EDX 9000-TC can be specified in row spacings of 44.9 cm (45 cm), 50 cm, 55 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm or 80 cm. In Germany this machine is delivered as standard with air brakes and a permit to travel at 40 km/h.

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Central coulter pressure adjustment

As standard, the pressure adjustment for fertiliser coulters and sowing units is carried out via the valve taps on the machine. Even more comfortable is the electric remote control, available as an optional extra, enabling to set the pressures via the AMATRON 3 terminal in the tractor cab.

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Mais, Sonnenblumen, Raps und Sorghum

Maize, sunflowers, rape and sorghum – they are all possible!

Whether for maize, sunflowers, rape or sorghum - not only for sowing different crops, but also for different sizes of maize grains, singling drums are available which can be exchanged quickly and easily.

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Suited to all soil conditions

Thanks to the special sowing units the EDX precision air seeder can be used universally and without conversion for conventional sowing, mulch sowing or direct sowing.

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Designed for efficiency without compromise

High output

Not only is it the high operational speed of the EDX precision air seeders that results in an increase in efficiency but also the noticeably reduced set-up time and unproductive periods. Users confirm that the machines are fully designed for professional usage even down to the detail such as, for example, hopper lid seals or lever adjustments.

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Dual tyres

For row spacings of 70 and 75 cm, the seed row behind the tyres is not run on thanks to the new dual tyres. Especially on heavy, wet soils the dual tyre avoids soil compaction which would result in a delayed plant growth.

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Safer road transport

The running gear of the trailed EDX 9000-TC is provided with oversized tyres 700/50-26.5, an air braking system and is approved for transport speeds of 40 km/h.

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LED lighting

For improved lighting of the coulter frame, LED work lights on the fertiliser hopper and LED individual coulter lighting is also available. The lift and drop points are also easier then to determine when sowing at night.

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