Micro-granular applicator

Micro micro-granular applicator – Highest precision, even with small quantities

The micro-granular applicator with its 17 l hopper capacity and 3 different metering rollers provides point-accurate application for a variety of application materials. The micro-spreader can be used for distributing micro-nutrients, insecticides, slug pellets, etc.

The granules can be distributed at various entry points. The micro-granules are distributed directly in the seed row, together with the singled seed. A diffuser that applies the granules above the closed furrow is a further option for applying micro-granules.

The attachment directly to the coulters allows for integration of the entry points into the automated part-width section control. The quantity applied can also be controlled using application maps.

The benefits:

  • Flexibility of the application due to different entry points
  • Convenient operation due to full integration into the ISOBUS machine control
  • Yield optimisation due to rate control using application maps
  • 55 l seed hopper combined with 17 l hopper capacity for the micro-granular applicator

Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro (5) 20000101_031138_Screenshot_Amatron4_d1_220117
Clearly structured incorporation of the micro-granular applicator in the work menu of the terminal
Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro (6) Precea6000-2CC_JohnDeere_d0_kw_P4229080
Simple filling of the hopper for micro-granules

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