For the safer use of your AMAZONE machinery
AMAZONE SmartLearning provides interactive driver training where the user can independently practise operating a complex machine on a PC or smartphone without working in the field. SmartLearning includes numerous film clips and video tutorials which explain the technical interrelationships of the machines with a commentary and simulations. This means that drivers and engineers are given the opportunity to familiarise...


Repair or maintenance instructions using Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile devices

With the help of guided step-by-step instructions, service technicians can practise recurring routine tasks individually and flexibly and thereby prepare for their work assignments. The modular maintenance and repair instructions created by service specialists, e.g. for the maintenance of a Pantera, can be accessed both via mobile phone and tablet. It is also possible to use...


Direct local support from the service technician via Augmented Reality (AR) and a mobile device
AMAZONE offers the possibility of extended communication with the aid of special software. This can be used worldwide for a wide range of end devices, such as Android or iOS devices. This means, for instance, that the service technician of a service partner who is carrying out a complicated repair can be connected digitally and in real time with a service specialist in the...


Training and instruction in the use of complex machinery by means of Virtual Reality technology (VR)

In virtual training, virtual training scenarios are created on the basis of 3D CAD data, enabling service technicians to learn maintenance or repair procedures, so that they can later apply the acquired skills in practice. In this way, even complex procedures, such as the assembly of components inside a Pantera spray agent tank or inside a Profihopper, can be learned.


Comprehensive advice for optimum spreader setting

The spreader test hall in the Spreader application Centre is the central facility for research, development and series production support at AMAZONE. When a new spreading material is to be included in the setting chart, it is tested in the spreader test hall. The Spreader application Centre is also in close contact with the fertiliser manufacturers, in order to be able to inform our customers at an early stage about...