Any farmer who has previously calibrated a seed drill will remember running to and fro between the drill and the tractor cab. The metering unit has to be opened and a calibration sack has to be positioned. The calibration process has then to be started from the tractor cab. The calibrated amount is then weighed and another position change between tractor and seed drill takes place.

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The TwinTerminal offers higher levels of operating comfort

AMAZONE significantly simplified this process in 2015 with the introduction of the TwinTerminal. Calibration of ISOBUS-controlled machines is now much easier. Once the seed drill software has been set to calibration mode, the rest of the process can be started from the TwinTerminal. The entered parameters, such as seed rate, driving speed and the area to be calibrated can first be checked again. Short distances from the metering system to the TwinTerminal save time and the direct input of the values creates confidence. Calibration can be started using the TwinTerminal. After calibration, the amount collected can be set on the TwinTerminal, so that it is no longer necessary to climb into the tractor cab to enter the amount.

More flexibility with the mySeeder App

The mySeeder App from AMAZONE reduces the workload of the user and provides more flexibility in the calibration of AMAZONE seed drills. The driver uses the mySeeder app installed on a mobile phone to connect to the seed drill via Bluetooth. The seed drill must be equipped with mySeeder Connect for this purpose. The driver can use any smartphone with the mySeeder App to perform the calibration. Parameters such as the seed rate, calibration area and driving speed can be entered and monitored directly on the smartphone mySeeder App. The calibration sack or calibration tray can then be positioned and the machine can be calibrated using the smartphone.

The mySeeder App makes it easier to calibrate ISOBUS-controlled AMAZONE seed drills. The App on the mobile is easy to use and is intuitively designed to be understood when using it for the very first time. Machines having several metering units, such as the Cirrus-CC with the GreenDrill, can also be calibrated by the driver with a smartphone, going from metering unit to metering unit. Even the Cirrus-CC, with its 3 metering units and the GreenDrill can therefore be calibrated very easily.

The AMAZONE Cirrus sowing combination, AD-P, Primera, DMC, Citan and Condor seed drills can be calibrated using the mySeeder App. In the next development step, the Centaya and Cataya seed drills, the Precea precision air seeder and the Avant sowing combination will follow.

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