Nitrogen sensor technology | Fertilisation technology

Systems for part-area, site-specific nitrogen fertilisation have been known for years. Some service providers now offer soil sampling with GPS support. The results can be used to create an application map which serves as a basis for part-area, site-specific fertilisation in combination with AMATRON 3, CCI 100, AMAPAD or other ISOBUS terminals. This method balances the nutrient supply and therefore creates optimum part-area, site-specific conditions for plant growth from...

WindControl | Fertilisation technology

For particularly windy locations, AMAZONE offers WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) for the ZA-TS and ZG-TS as a supplement to the ArgusTwin system. WindControl enables the influence of the wind on the spread pattern to be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for.

Argus | Fertilisation technology

ArgusTwin – Automatic adjustment to the optimum lateral distribution
The ArgusTwin system always ensures optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser via permanent online monitoring and correction of the delivery system. This increases fertiliser efficiency and is the basis for optimum crop management.
The spread fan acquisition in the Argus system is based on measuring the lateral distribution by means of radar technology which is insensitive to dust and dirt and...

Seed tube monitoring | Sowing technology

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the tube.
Directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.