Cobra-2TX trailed shallow cultivator

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The perfect shallow working system - shredding, cutting, mixing and optionally, reconsolidating


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The new Cobra 6-stagger shallow cultivator from AMAZONE is characterised by its universal use and will be available in working widths of 6 m and 7 m. AMAZONE will be offering a new method for shallow stubble cultivation, second or third pass medium-deep work, or for a catch crop changeover or even seedbed preparation, with the introduction of the trailed Cobra 6000-2TX models in the summer of 2022 and 7000-2TX in the spring of 2023.


The increase in resistance to and the reduction in plant protection agents means that mechanical weed control in the second pass is continuously growing in importance. This means that the Cobra shallow cultivator will be playing an enormous role in field hygiene.

Cobra-2TX trailed shallow cultivator carrying out surface stubble cultivating

The choice of various different pre-working tools, tine variants and following rollers or harrows allows the Cobra to provide the best combination of cultivation elements for any location and every farming process. 

Good visibilty of the Cobra during the day and at night

The best combination: 6 stagger frame with ECO leaf-spring tines

The Cobra is the specialist for shallow and medium-deep work at 4 to 13 cm working depth. Thanks to the 6 stagger frame layout of the tines, the Cobra distributes and mixes harvest residues into the soil in an optimum manner. The special tine arrangement, and its associated working length, ensures an enormous throughput of organic matter and soil, despite the very tight tine spacing of 13.3 cm. A large amount of fine soil is produced in the mix by the vibration of the ECO leaf-spring tines. This provides optimum germination conditions, so that volunteer cereals and weed seeds establish well, which can then be combated mechanically in the next working pass. The high proportion of fine soil also has a very positive effect on seedbed preparation. In addition, the ECO leaf-spring tines can adapt very flexibly to the soil conditions and can avoid obstacles. 

Full-area movement by the cultivator ensures optimum working performance

Full surface movement and intensive incorporation of organic matter thanks to the 6-stagger layout

A full surface movement and thus a full surface movement of stubble and weeds is of enormous significance for a good outcome on very shallow stubbble cultivating. AMAZONE offers various different 220 mm wide goose foot shares for this working pass, so that adequate share overlap and thus a full-area movement is ensured at a tine spacing of 13.3 cm under all conditions. There is also a 50 mm narrow share for mid-deep mixing and loosening work. Both types of share are available for high outputs and also as a HD variant. 

Also available with a levelling unit as an option

Good levelling can be achieved by mounting a levelling unit, consisting of spring-mounted drag tines, behind the tine unit. Even consolidation can be achieved thanks to this additional levelling. If there is too much organic matter, the unit can be swung up easily and without the need for tools.

Precise working depth controlled from the tractor cab

The depth adjustment of the Cobra is carried out via the following rollers and the over-sized support wheels. They are integrated into the tine segment to provide better matching to the topograpghy. AMAZONE mounts a coupling rod at this point to connect the components mechanically, in order to keep the relationship between the support wheels and following roller constant at all times.

If you need to operate without a following roller, the depth adjustment is carried out via the transport wheels in addition to the front support wheels. A particular feature is that there are tines mounted behind the transport wheels to loosen any tracks produced by the running gear. If you are operating with a following roller, then the running gear can be fully lifted up. 

The working depth can be adjusted infinitely-variably from the tractor cab, to permit individual reaction to the changing conditions within a field. An easy-to-read scale helps the orientation of the driver.

Following roller to suit

There is a selection of ten AMAZONE following rollers, as double or single units, for optimum consolidation, so that the right roller for all types of soil is available. A particular feature of the Cobra is that the roller is guided by a parallelogram. Thanks to this connection, a constant pressure is generated for the rollers, even when adjusting the working depth of the tine area. The levelling unit is, in turn, mounted on the rollers. This means that this setting does not need to be changed when changing the working depth. 

The Cobra combined with the Double U-profile roller. A suitable roller can be selected from the familiar roller portfolio to suit the specific conditions on-site.

AMAZONE offers a double harrow for the rear of the Cobra 6003-2TX and 7003-2TX as an alternative to the roller. The harrow demonstrates its benefit, particularly in the second or third working pass, when combating weeds mechanically. It brings the cut weeds and volunteer cereal regrowth to the surface of the soil where they dry out.

As an option, the Cobra can also be fitted with the double harrow

Low pulling force for high speed working and good incorporation action

Front tools for fine shredding, levelling and crumbling

As an option, the Cobra can also be fitted with the knife roller. This allows you to thoroughly cut and chop rape stubble during the first pass, for example. However, the knife roller also offers considerable benefit when incorporating catch crops, producing a perfect working quality. The knife roller has a closed roller core and double cutter blades arranged in a V shape. This ensures smooth running and reduces wear costs. In addition, the knife roller is always hydraulically pre-tensioned and thus adapts itself perfectly to the soil conditions.

Knife roller or Crushboard as the individual up-front tool

As an alternative, the Cobra can also be equipped with a leading Crushboard. This chops clods and also levels. The intensity can be varied hydraulically and infinitely-variably from the tractor seat.

The new Cobra shallow cultivator is characterised by its high levels of precision and its versatility under the most varied of working conditions. In order to increase the versatility even more, the Cobra can, as an option, be equipped with the GreenDrill 501 catch crop drill.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Powerful and universal shallow cultivator for shallow and medium-deep soil tillage at 4 to 13 cm working 
  • Intensive incorporation of crop residues as a result of the 6-stagger layout with ECO leaf-spring tines 
  • Exact depth control via support wheels and following roller 
  • Full-surface movement at shallow working thanks to the large duckfoot share overlap 
  • Perfect cultivation of organic matter and catch crops thanks to the front knife roller 
  • Even, fine-crumbed seedbed thanks to the front Crushboard and levelling element in front of the roller