Nov 1, 2022

Precea Performance Tour – what the end users say

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To date, AMAZONE has followed 30 farmers and contractors during the use of their AMAZONE Precea precision air seeders, as part of its Europe-wide Precea Performance Tour. During the tour, the Precea has demonstrated its wide-ranging scope of application in a total of 13 countries.

With the Performance Tour, AMAZONE provides an insight into the average workday of the Precea, in use under various operating conditions and in different crops. Users explain first-hand how flexible, precise and efficient the precision air seeder can be. The practical experiences of the farmers and contractors are recorded in short video clips and AMAZONE has published these, along with further information, on-line at

Different crops, specific soil conditions and unique climatic conditions – the Precea overcomes all these challenges with ease at the farms visited during the tour. A wide product range offers flexible equipment variants that can cope with different field sizes and outputs. The product portfolio ranges from the four-row Precea in a 3 metre working width, to the twelve-row Precea in 6 metre working width. Users especially praised its tool-free adjustment between crops with a minimum of downtime. Special frame concepts enable free movement of the sowing units, so that the row spacing can quickly be adjusted. The high-performance centralised singling drive with overpressure and the first-class PreTeC mulch sowing coulter are perfectly matched. Farmers were impressed by the highly-accurate seed placement, from the first to the last grain, even at fast forward speeds of up to 15 km/h. Numerous equipment options make life easy for the driver and enable a consistently high quality of work under all conditions. Especially in changeable soil conditions, SmartForce coulter pressure regulation ensures, fully automatically, a consistent placement depth. Meanwhile, SmartControl automatic stripper finger adjustment prevents misses and doubles. Optionally, the Precea can be mounted, tool-free, as a combination via the QuickLink quick coupling system with a rotary cultivator, rotary harrow or the CombiDisc compact disc harrow. This sowing combination provides perfect seedbed preparation and seeding in one pass. For maximum efficiency, the Precea, in 6 metre working width, is available with the new FTender front mounted hopper for simultaneous fertilisation. Intelligent solutions, such as individual row shut-off, part-area, site-specific application and the ISOBUS control, speak for the precision air seeder's environmentally-friendly, efficient use of inputs.

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