AutoTS boundary spreading system

For comfortable and precise border spreading

The disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system can be used for comfortable activation of the various border spreading techniques such as side, border and water course spreading independently to each side from the tractor cab via the terminal. Sharp cut-off border spread patterns are made possible, thereby creating optimum growing conditions right up to the field boundary. The throwing distance of the fertiliser is limited by a shorter spreading vane, so that it is optimally distributed up to the field boundary without damage.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Increased yields compared with standard border spreading techniques
  • Time saving through remote activation



AutoTS – position for normal spreading
AutoTS –position of the delivery vane during boundary spreading

Calculate that extra profit: With the AMAZONE Border Spreading Calculator

With AutoTS, an average increased yield of about 17% can be achieved around the field boundary compared with other well-known systems. Calculate it for yourself now!