Repair or maintenance instructions using Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile devices

Service technician carrying out a SmartInstruction on the AmaSelect nozzle body

With the help of guided step-by-step instructions, service technicians can practise recurring routine tasks individually and flexibly and thereby prepare for their work assignments. The modular maintenance and repair instructions created by service specialists, e.g. for the maintenance of a Pantera, can be accessed both via mobile phone and tablet. It is also possible to use SmartInstruction via AR glasses.

In future, the recorded maintenance and repair instructions will be made available to all sales partners for download via a database in the AMAZONE dealer portal. In addition, end customers will be provided with selected maintenance instructions in SmartLearning free of charge.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Practical step-by-step instructions for service technicians for recurring maintenance and repair work
  • Individual and flexible practice of work procedures prior to a service call