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More precision in winter road gritting

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With working widths from 2 to 8 m, the IceTiger can therefore be perfectly tailored to the demands of the area needing treatment

AMAZONE now offers the IceTiger, an innovative new mounted spreader for the application of salt and brine with the highest precision and which represents a completely new development. The new conveying technology via a belt floor belt makes the application of salts with different moisture contents possible, even in very small quantities, as well as the application of slip-preventing materials such as grit or sand. The IceTiger, when used in combination with the comfortable ISOBUS control, becomes a precision machine for winter grit spreading. 

Innovation: Smart Precision System – Adjustable belt floor and electric delivery point adjustment via ISOBUS

The IceTiger features the unique Smart Precision system with an hydraulically driven floor belt, state-of-the-art ISOBUS control and precision spreading disc

The hydraulically-driven feed of the material to be spread via the floor belt is a unique feature. Thanks to the wide contact surface, the material to be spread is continuously transported without clogging and bridging towards a chute which feeds it down onto the spreading disc. A hydraulic motor allows the speed of the belt floor to be precisely adjusted to run fast or slow, so that even extremely small quantities - down to 5 g/m² - can be applied as and when required. Working widths from 2 to 8 m are possible via the precision spreading disc. The IceTiger can therefore be perfectly tailored to the demands of the area needing to be treated. 

The Smart Precision System also offers a significant advantage in the way that the delivery point is adjusted electrically via ISOBUS. In this respect, the required degree of spread to the left or right is comfortably and easily set from the tractor seat. The spread fan is shifted by an electric actuator whilst the vehicle is travelling on the road. The electric delivery point adjustment then accurately sets the delivery point of the material to be spread automatically, in order to produce the desired symmetrical or asymmetrical spread pattern. This electric delivery point adjustment works in conjunction with the automatic regulation of the spreading disc speed. This flexible adjustment of the working width allows the spread pattern to be precisely set for either spreading on just one lane or two lanes at the same time. Furthermore, the triangular spread pattern can be narrowed in such a way that the complete road surface is optimally covered, for instance on roundabouts. 

Optional: integrated pre-wetted salt system

The IceTiger can be equipped with a brine applicator with a total tank capacity of 500 l for the application of FS30 pre-wetted salt as an option. Solid salt and brine are mixed together immediately upstream of the spreading disc, whereby the precisely adjustable supply of brine is provided via a hydraulically-driven pump with run-dry protection. The mixing of the two products results in a reduction of the salt content by approx. 23% compared to dry salt. Apart from faster de-icing, wind losses are significantly reduced.

AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal - for maximum comfort

AMAZONE offers the in-house developed AmaTron 4 terminal for ISOBUS control, meaning that even tractors which are not ISOBUS-compatible as standard can be retrofitted with the AmaTron 4 for winter road gritting. The tablet-style terminal features an 8” multi-touch colour display with day-night mode, a practical quick-start menu with intelligent menu navigation as well as automatic fade-in of the touch buttons via proximity sensors. All functions in the work menu can be actuated via the AmaPilot+ multi-function joystick or other ISOBUS multi-function joysticks for maximum comfort. 

Smart operation with EasySet 2 – cost-effective and environmentally-friendly

The EasySet 2 operating terminal – easy to operate

The basic version of the IceTiger is controlled via the machine-specific EasySet 2 in-cab terminal. The simple, intuitive operation only requires brief orientation, making it ideal for use with multiple drivers. After the required spread rate and the desired working width have been entered, the application rate is regulated automatically depending on the forward speed. The delivery point is adjusted manually when using EasySet 2. The +100% function can be used to double the spread rate on critical areas, such as on bridges or at road junctions. The calibration of working width, speed and application rate is also possible at the touch of a button. In addition, the LED work lights and the rotating beacon can be actuated via EasySet 2. A reversing camera with a view of the spread pattern as well as an internal hopper camera for monitoring the fill level are optional.

Larger hopper for higher work rates

The basic version of the IceTiger winter salt spreader is equipped with a 1,000 litre hopper. The hopper has a favourable centre of gravity created by the 3-point linkage positioning and the steep hopper walls. Any material residues are thus reliably avoided. The capacity can be expanded up to a maximum of 1,900 l by means of 300 l or 600 l extensions as an option.