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Choice of either Special or Super frame

A wide variety of equipment options

The various equipment levels available for the ZG-TX can be specifically tailored to the respective application on large-scale farms, with contractors or in machinery hire businesses. As a result, everything is possible with simple to fully equipped models from AMAZONE. In particular, the ZG-TX Super is sure to impress with maximum load capability on only one axle thanks to the reinforced components in comparison with the Special. With a maximum permissible machine weight of up to 21 t, the spreader offers high performance for any farm.

Benefits of the base hopper

  • High payload on one axle 
  • Low hopper centre of gravity 
  • Large fill opening


Rahmenvarianten Special und Super (1) ZG-TX_special_6800_2.105_d2_230727_CMS
ZG-TX 6800 Special

Rahmenvarianten Special und Super (2) ZG-TX_Super_Deichsel_UAH_gesamt_2.59_d2_230713_CMS
ZG-TX 11200 Super

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Special and Super – Frames for all requirements

Make the choice that suits your operation! The drawbar on the Special frame has a drawbar load of 2.5 t. Either a lower or top mounted drawbar with a K80 or drawbar eye D40 can be specified here. 

The drawbar for the Super frame is designed exclusively for the lower mounted drawbar. Combined with a K80 ball coupling with a drawbar load of 6 t and an axle load of 15 t in the ZG-TX Super, the machine offers a significantly higher payload.

Special und Super – Rahmen für alle Anforderungen (1) ZG-TX_Special_Deichsel_OAH_Detail_2.61_d2_230713_CMS

Top mounted drawbar with K80 ball coupling

Special und Super – Rahmen für alle Anforderungen (2) ZG-TX_Super_Deichsel_UAH_Detail_2.58_d2_230713_CMS

Hitch coupling with K80 ball coupling

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Alles im Fluß, dank optimaler Behälterform (1) ZG-TX11200_d0_kw_DJI_0354_d2_230619_CMS

Everything flows smoothly thanks to the optimum hopper shape

Thanks to the sophisticated hopper shape of the ZG-TX, it has an optimum centre of gravity which significantly counteracts any negative support loads. The steep hopper walls, without corners or edges, ensure an optimum flow of material, even with earth-moist lime. The maintenance-free floor belt with automatic centring along the bottom of the hopper ensures reliable metering.

Sturdy sieves – easy to remove
Sturdy plastic sieves protect the hopper from foreign bodies in the fertiliser. At the same time, the sieves make cleaning the hopper much easier. The light weight of the plastic sieves means that they can be easily removed when using lime.

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Intelligenter Behälter – Immer die maximale Leistung (3) ZG-TX11200_d0_kw_P4187659_d2_230615_CMS

Optimum load distribution

The floor belt rises by 5 degrees which enables a weight transfer from the back to the front. This guarantees optimum load distribution during spreading. Maximum drawbar load and reduced axle loads enable safe driving in the field under all operating conditions.

Benefits of the hopper design

  • Optimum flow of the application material, even on slopes 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Favourable centre of gravity to avoid negative support loads
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Intelligenter Behälter – Immer die maximale Leistung (1) ZG-TX11200_Claas_d0_kw_P4177623_d2_230615_CMS

Intelligent hopper – Maximum performance at all times

The fill level is signalled during filling by the flashing of the work lights. If the work lights are continuously lit, the desired fill level has been reached. A second person, or the frequent dismounting for checking, are no longer necessary.

The digital fill level indicator provides information about the loading status via weighing sensors at any time. In the intelligent interaction with the work lights, flashing indicates the hopper fill level and enables optimum loading to the target weight. At the end of spreading, a low level sensor issues a warning just before the spreader is completely empty.

  • If the work lights are continuously lit, the desired fill level has been reached

Quick loading
The roll-over cover is hydraulically actuated remotely, in order to start loading as quickly as possible. When the roll-over cover is open, the extremely large hopper opening enables the spreader to be loaded with large buckets. In addition to this, the cover fixed to the edge of the hopper prevents fertiliser or lime from falling between the cover and hopper.

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Intelligenter Behälter – Immer die maximale Leistung (2) ZG-TX_Super_Deichsel_UAH_gesamt_2.56_d2_230713_CMS


The filling process can be optimally monitored via the large, easily accessible platform. Furthermore, a practical holder for a broom or a shovel has been provided. The right tool is therefore always quickly to hand.

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Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…