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Central fertiliser hopper

From big bag to the band of applied fertiliser

Short filling times are essential for high area coverage when it comes to precision seeding. In order to match the output of the other components of the Precea-TCC (wide working width, high working speed, large seed hopper), the twin-chamber fertiliser hopper can therefore hold up to 6,000 l of granular fertiliser.

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Precea 6000-TCC with central seed hopper and optional additional seed hopper (8 l capacity), which collects the emptied seed residue when the unit is opened and checked.
The hopper can be conveniently filled in a matter of minutes from a big bag over the side of the machine.

Via a cassette in the metering unit, the fertiliser is transported from the central hopper to the distributor head by an air flow. From here, the fertiliser is delivered to each individual FerTeC twin HD double disc fertiliser coulter, where it is then placed in the soil as under-root fertiliser in a band.

If required, individual row shut-off of the fertiliser can be carried out at the distributor head, which is automated with the individual row switching of the seed. Fertiliser only goes where it is supposed to - for ideal plant growth conditions with savings on input costs.

The fill level indicator can be supplemented by camera monitoring inside the hopper. The hopper's weighing system also enables exact monitoring of the fertiliser application – bringing maximum precision to the entire fertiliser and single seed sowing operation.

The benefits: 

  • Large fertiliser hopper (3,000 or 6,000 l) enables long operating periods without refilling. 
  • Individual row control maximises working efficiency.

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Individual row control of the fertiliser is made possible within the distributor head by the automatic shutting of the diverter flaps. Active fertiliser flow to the FerTeC twin HD double disc fertiliser coulters, fertiliser flow to the switched-off coulter is stopped.

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FerTeC twin HD double disc fertiliser coulter – The high HD-capacity fertiliser coulter

The FerTeC twin HD double disc fertiliser coulter with application depth adjustment
The high-performance double disc coulter ensures clean, reliable placement. The double disc coulter runs smoothly and deposits the fertiliser in front of the PreTeC mulch coulter. The double disc coulter is completely maintenance-free and meets the highest demands, particularly for ease of operation. Initially, the relationship between the placement depth of the fertiliser and the placement depth of the seed is set just once. The fertiliser coulter automatically adjusts the depth if the sowing depth is subsequently changed.

The benefits: 

  • Automatic placement depth of the fertiliser provides more comfort. 
  • More exact depth placement on heavy ground. 
  • Short set-up times, since the coulter pressure on the fertiliser coulter is also applied to the sowing coulter.

FerTeC twin HD-Doppelscheiben-Düngerschar (4) Precea12000-TCC_JohnDeere_d0_kw_DJI_0422_d1_240314_CMS
Consistent longitudinal distribution of the fertiliser, even at wider working widths thanks to up to two distributor heads.

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Mikrogranulatstreuung (1) Precea_Detail_d0_kw_P7057413_d1_220921_CMS.png

Micro-granular application - easy handling, great effect

Micro-granular applicator (17 l hopper capacity per unit) - only for Precea 6000-TCC with seed hoppers mounted on the sowing units. Micro-granule delivery into the row (Fig. left) or via diffuser (Fig. right) for full flexibility with effective special fertilisation, slug pellets, insecticide applications or herbicide applications - adaptable to any location and any situation.

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