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Fertilisation with pinpoint accuracy – Fertiliser metering on the Precea

Fertiliser hoppers of 950 l or 1,250 l equip the Precea with sufficient capacity. The hopper is located well forwards and thus provides an optimal centre of gravity near the tractor. Steep hopper walls guide the fertiliser safely to the metering units and keep the residual volumes low. Operation and adjustment are performed centrally, on the left side of the SmartCenter.

The benefits: 

  • Convenient access, ideal also for filling by big bag or via a front end loader bucket 
  • Low lifting power requirement as a result of the fertiliser hopper being positioned close to the tractor 
  • Simple filling due to generously dimensioned hopper opening 
  • Large sight glass

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The FTender, with a hopper capacity of 1,600 or 2,200 l, can also be filled with a filling auger for fertiliser as an option for a front/rear combination.

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Precis fertiliser metering system – air support to every row

The Precis fertiliser metering system equips the Precea with an accurate and reliable metering drive. The additional air support further ensures an equal feed to each row and reliably prevents blockages. The fertiliser granules are reliably conveyed to the FerTeC Twin double disc counter.

1. Fertiliser
2. Air flow

The benefits:

  • High work rates with up to 250 kg/ha at 15 km/h
  • Comfortable setting of the application rate
  • Uniform supply to all coulters with one metering unit per fertiliser coulter
  • Air diffuser on each row minimises blockages
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FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter – The high-capacity fertiliser coulter

Smooth-running, rugged and reliable

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FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter with leaf spring overload protection | 1) 380 mm 2) 3–12 cm

The high-capacity double disc coulter ensures clean and reliable placement. The double disc coulter runs smoothly and deposits the fertiliser in front of the PreTeC mulch coulter. The double disc coulter is completely maintenance-free and fulfils the highest demands.

The benefits: 

  • Reduced soil throw ensures a very smooth running 
  • High service life thanks to the rugged and proven large-area seed drills 
  • Stepless working depth adjustment 
  • Exchangeable protection plate
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FerTeC Twin HD – with placement depth adjustment

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The FerTeC Twin HD double disc fertiliser coulter | 1) 400 mm 2) 3–15 cm

The FerTeC Twin HD fertiliser coulter provides even more operational comfort. Initially, the relationship between the placement depth of the fertiliser and the placement depth of the seed is set just once. The fertiliser coulter is automatically adjusted for depth if the sowing depth is subsequently changed. The

The benefits: 

  • Automatic placement depth of the fertiliser provides more comfort 
  • More exact depth placement on heavy ground 
  • Short set-up times, since the coulter pressure on the fertiliser coulter is also applied on the sowing coulter
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